CUPE 1615

Serving the administrative, technical, instructional and technical support persons of Memorial University

Negotiations Committee

The negotiating committee meets with management to discuss the upcoming contract signing.  The committee consists of 7 members, including our current president, and at least one member from Grenfell.  These members ask for changes to our contract on your behalf.  If you note something that should be changed please contact one of the members below.

The 2016 negotiating committee members are:

President: Theresa Antle, 864-2393
Grenfell rep: Diane Johnson, (709) 637-6249
Other Members:
Christine Gillard, 864-4418/8590
Keir Hiscock, 864-8144
Susan Kearsey, 864-8476
Shawn Organ, 864-8906
Jerry Smith, 864-3267

Alternate Member:
Peggy Chafe, 864-7992

These members were voted in at the October, 2015 membership meeting.