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Wednesday June 22
8:30 Symposia III (The Good and Bad in Natural Environments) and IV (Aquatic Microbiology)
10:00 Refreshment Break
10:30 Symposia III and IV (Continued)
12:00 Lunch and CSM Sections Meeting
1:30 Poster Session 2
3:00 Refreshment Break (in poster area)
4:00 Buses leave for optional boat tour event

Thursday June 23
8:30 Symposia V (Zoonotic Diseases) and VI (Phototrophs)
10:00 Refreshment Break
10:30 Symposia V and VI (Continued)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 CSM Section Symposia (3 concurrent)
3:00 Refreshment Break
3:30 Student Award Symposium (Part 2)
5:00 Fisher Scientific Award
6:30 President’s Banquet (MUN Main Dining Hall)


"Evolution meets Structure in the Bacteriophage Capsid"

  June 21st - Virology

Convened by Mike Grant, Ken Hirasawa & Rodney Russell

Mattias Götte, McGill University
"HCV evolution and the emergence of resistance"

Rodney Russell, Memorial University
"Hepatitis C virus assembly: Where do the pieces
of the puzzle fit?"

John Pezacki, National Research Council of Canada
"Discovering host-virus interactions in models of HCV by activity-based protein profiling"

Craig McCormick, Dalhousie University
"Subversion of autophagy and cellular senescence by the Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus"

Veronika von Messling, Institut Armand-Frappier
"Host Response Contribution to Influenza
Disease and Protection"

Nathalie Grandvaux, Université de Montréal
"NADPH oxidases, new host factors involved in the innate antiviral response"

  June 22nd - Aquatic Microbiology

Convened by Suzanne Dufour, Richard Rivkin & Sue Ziegler

Curtis Suttle, University of British Columbia
"Oceans of viruses and changing perceptions on
the virosphere"

Ben Van Mooy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
"Cell-density dependent organic carbon degradation among particle associated bacteria in the ocean"

Stefan Bertilsson, Uppsala University, Sweden
"The salinity barrier: lessons learned from comparing marine and freshwater microbial communities"

Steven Hallam, University of British Columbia
"Metabolic Interaction Networks for the Whole Community"

Louis Legendre, Villefrance-sur-mer, France
"Roles of microbes in marine pelagic food webs and biogeochemical cycles"

Andrew E. Allen, J. Craig Venter Institute
"Ecology and metabolism in marine diatoms and other marine phytoplankton: genome enabled insights from laboratory models and natural communities"

  June 23rd - Phototrophs

Convened by Martin Mulligan & Tom Beatty

Steven Short, University of Toronto Mississauga
"Freshwater algal viruses: persistent and pernicious
plankton parasites"

Alex Poulain, University of Ottawa
"Redox Rocks Detox: microbial pathways for mercury and iron transformations"

Sébastien Rodrigue, Université de Sherbrooke
"Transcription-translation offsets in the circadian Cycle of Prochlorococcus"

Erik Zinser, University of Tennessee, USA
"Resident microflora protect the marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus from oxidative stress"

Doug Campbell, Mount Allison University
"Resource allocations, light capture and photoinactivation in marine phytoplankton: Conserved complexes, diverse strategies"

Susan Golden, University of California - San Diego, USA
"How bacteria tell time"


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Monday June 20
10:00 CSM Executive Meeting
12:00 CSM Council Meeting
12:00 Registration Opens
1:00 NSERC "How to prepare a Discovery Grant Application"
2:00 PHAC Information Session
3:15 Official Opening of the Conference
3:30 Keynote Lecture: Roger Hendrix, U. of Pittsburgh
4:30 CSM Award
5:30 Opening Mixer (Inco Innovation Center Atrium)

Tuesday June 21
8:30 Symposia I (Roger Knowles Tribute) and II (Virology)
10:00 Refreshment Break
10:30 Symposia I and II (Continued)
12:00 Lunch and CSM Annual General Meeting
1:00 NSERC "2010 Discovery Grant Competition"
1:30 Poster Session 1
3:00 Refreshment Break (in poster area)
3:30 Student Award Symposium (Part 1)
5:00 Cangene Gold Medal Award Lecture
6:00 Student Mixer Social Event (Bitters Graduate Pub)

  Keynote Speaker

Dr. Roger Hendrix, University of Pittsburgh

  June 21st - Roger Knowles Tribute

Organized, funded and convened by CSM Executive

Jim Tiedje, Michigan State University

Laurent Philippot, INRA-Dijon
"Promenade among terrestrial denitrifiers: from
genetics to ecology"

Josh Neufeld, University of Waterloo
"Nitrogen cycle revisited: the ecology of ammonium oxidation in freshwater environments"

Dave Patriquin, Dalhousie University
"Nitrogen fixation by free-living and associative organotrophic diazotrophs in marine and terrestrial habitats"

Peter Dunfield, University of Calgary
"Canada's hot springs: Microbial community analyses via pyrosequencing and stable isotope probing"

June 22nd - The Good & Bad in Natural Environments

Convened by Dawn Bignell, Faye Murrin & Kapil Tahlan

Carole Beaulieu, Université de Sherbrooke
“Complex interactions between pathogenic
streptomycetes and plants”

Marie Elliot, McMaster University
"Aerial development in the multicellular soil bacterium Streptomyces coelicolor"

Georg Hausner, University of Manitoba
"The blue-stain fungi: a curse for forestry but maybe a blessing for biotechnology"

Teri de Kievit, University of Manitoba
"Structure and function of a novel lipopeptide essential for Pseudomonas sp. DF41 biological control"

Susan Kaminskyj, University of Saskatchewan
“A chink in the armor? Galactofuranose biosynthesis as an anti-fungal drug development target”

Jason Sello, Brown University, USA
"Discovery of novel antibiotic resistance genes and
new antibacterial therapeutic strategies
via genomics and proteomics"

  June 23rd - Zoonotic Diseases

Convened by Hugh Whitney & Ann Letellier

Kathy Magor, University of Alberta
"Innate antiviral defenses in the natural host of influenza"

Ann Letellier, Université de Montréal
"Importance of farm to the plate approach in the control of salmonellosis in swine"

Mike Drebot, National Microbiology Laboratory (PHAC)
"Emerging zoonotic diseases in Canada"

Philippe Fravalo, Université de Montréal
"Experience gained from past listeriosis outbreaks in Canada and Europe"

Denise Bélanger, Université de Montréal
"Control of raccoon rabies in Quebec: multisectorial and applied research approaches"

Nick Ogden, Public Health Agency of Canada
"Challenges in responding to emerging and re-emerging zoonoses"