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The Counselling Centre offers UCC 2020: Applied Cognitive and Affective Learning Strategies, a 3-credit hour course in applied learning skills. This course provides students with effective learning strategies to:

1. enhance their overall academic achievement;
2. personalize their own particular learning styles and learning environments;
3. provide them with knowledge concerning applied learning strategies.

Topics include:
Human information processing
Myths of memory
Strategies for effective learning and study systems
Hierarchies (using MindManager)
Hierarchies (using Freemind)
Speed reading and improving comprehension
Mnemonics and Mnemonic Systems (Link, Story, Method of Loci, Pegword, Phonetic)
Public speaking
Stress management
Anxiety and recall
Time management
Planning and scheduling
Test anxiety
Learning styles
Memory Olympics

Students are evaluated through practical homework assignments, term examinations, and regular submissions to a Learning Journal that constitutes a significant part of semester work. Classes meet three times weekly. Students need access to "D2L," Memorial's computer portal to submit assigned work and journal entries.

Students must register for UCC2020 through Memorial Self-Service.

For information, call the Counselling Centre (864-8500 [Option #2])