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Are there any restrictions on library reserves?

In compliance with Memorial's policy on the Use of Copyright Materials and Memorial's Fair Dealing Policy Memorial University's Libraries will observe the following restrictions:

  1. No scanned material will be mounted on the reserve system;
  2. Photocopies of published works that are required reading will not be placed on reserve;
  3. Photocopies of published works that are intended as supplemental and optional materials may be placed on reserve under the following conditions: a.) There is no link to a licensed digital copy available; and b.) The sum of all such photocopies placed on reserve for a given course is no greater than 25% of the total of all required readings for that course (requires a signed statement by the instructor); and c.) No more than one chapter is copied from any given book.
  4. If two or more chapters from a single book, or two or more articles from a single journal issue, are proposed for reserve, the book itself, or the journal volume containing the issue will be placed on reserve;
  5. Purchases necessary to implement this policy will be undertaken as a matter of course;

For additional information on the distinction between "Supplementary and Optional" and "Required" see the next question.

If you have questions about this matter, please contact the Library Copyright Coordinator or your local library reserve staff.