Honorary graduate nomination tips

Know someone worthy of receiving Memorial’s highest honour? Nominate them for an honorary doctorate using this nomination form. 

Remember, the nominee doesn’t need to have a connection to Memorial University or to the province to be considered for an honorary doctorate. But if the person does, be sure to include this in the nomination.

Other helpful tips include:


  • There is no deadline for nominations – you can submit them at any time.

  • The rationale detailing the nature of the nominee’s contribution should be clear, concise and complete.

  • The nomination package should contain only what is needed to support the rationale (e.g., no excess information or minor press clippings).

  • Include website links to relevant and trustworthy sources of further information about the nominee (rather than hard copy scans of materials in .pdf format)

  • Supporting letters (which are not required) should be kept to a minimum.

  • If you aren’t able to ‘go it alone,’ consider collaborating with a co-nominator to put the nomination together – often two heads are better than one!

  • Neither the nominee nor persons close to the nominee should be involved in the process which must be confidential.



If you have questions, contact the Senate office at senate@mun.ca



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