Faculty and Staff Listing

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Dr. Tana Allen

Office: AA-2033

Phone: 864-2933

Email: tallen@mun.ca

Areas of Specialty

  • Ancient history
  • Classical art and archaeology
  • Ancient science and medicine
  • Roman social history

Dr. Brad Levett

Undergrad Advisor

B. Levett Picture

Office: AA-2060

Phone: 864-8595

Email: blevett@mun.ca

Areas of Interest

  • Greek literature
  • Ancient philosophy

Dr. Craig Maynes

C. Maynes Picture

Office: AA-2059

Phone: 864-7914

Email: cmaynes@mun.ca

Areas of Interest

  • Latin verse
  • Latin textual criticism
  • Roman domestic architecture
  • Augustan elegy

Dr. M. Nikolic

M. Nikolic Picture

Office: AA-2058

Phone: 864-8708

Email: mnikolic@mun.ca

Areas of Interest

  • Ancient Technology
  • Ancient Art & Architecture
  • Roman northern frontier

Dr. L. Roman

Graduate Advisor

L. Roman Picture

Office: AA-2063

Phone: 864-8910

Email: romanl@mun.ca

Area of Interests

  • Latin Literature
  • Poetry in first-person genres
  • Literary theory & Aesthetics
  • The city of Rome

Dr. Kathryn A. O. Simonsen

K A O Simonsen

Office: AA-2061

Phone: 864-8531

Email: kathryns@mun.ca

Areas of Interest

  • History of Classical and Archaic Greece
  • Culture of Classical and Archaic Greece