Institutional Surveys


In accordance with CIAP's Terms of Reference, CIAP's collection of information is governed by the need for meaningful quantitative measures of important features of the University's environment and performance. In fulfillment of this need, it:

  • conducts environment scans to advise the University about educational trends
  • serves as the University's principal agent for surveys of students, staff and alumni

Analysis is guided by the need of the University to understand how it is employing its resources and can direct these resources towards institutional problems and opportunities.



Internal Surveys

CIAP conducts several surveys of the student population on a regular basis.  Internal surveys are typically developed by CIAP with input from various stakeholders and are administered solely to Memorial students. CIAP also administers smaller surveys based on departmental requests, typically in relation to an Academic Program Review.

It is important to note that these surveys are conducted for administrative purposes only.  Any published results are meant to be for informative purposes only and are not designed for academic research or publication.

First Year Experience Survey

This is an internal survey conducted strictly at Memorial campuses.  The focus of this study is the first year cohort entering each Fall semester.  The survey is conducted during the last half of the following Winter semester.

Graduating Student Survey

This is an internal survey conducted strictly at Memorial campuses.  This survey focuses on students who have completed a program in Fall or will complete a program in the Winter semester.  It is administered during the last half of the Winter semester.


External Surveys

Larger surveys at a national or international level are usually developed and administered by third parties. CIAP's roll in administration is typically to provide the proper sample of the student population and ensure that all proper information privacy protocols are followed.   CIAP works with the Information Access and Privacy Protection (IAPP) office to ensure that proper privacy agreements are signed with all of the parties involved in handling any student information.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The NSSE is administered by the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research on a yearly basis during Memorial's winter academic term.  Memorial participates every three years, having done so for the first time in 2008.  It focuses on undergraduate students in their first-year and those in their fourth (or final) year of study.

Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC)

CUSC is Canada's longest standing and foremost provider of undergraduate student satisfaction and experience surveys.  CUSC has several surveys in rotation: The First-Year survey; The Graduating Student Survey; All Undergraduates; and The Middle Years Student Survey. 

The Canadian Graduate and Professional Students Survey (CGPSS)

The CGPSS is administered to graduate students in Canadian universities.  It is promoted by the Canadian Association for Graduate Students (CAGS).