Submit Your Music to CHMR!

Physical Submissions
Digital Submissions
Copyright Protection of Submitted Material

CHMR-FM accepts and encourages submissions from artists. We prefer audio submissions in CD format, but we also accept mp3 downloads. Physical copies of cd's can last in our library for years, whereas the average digital release will have a 3 month lifespan on our hard drive before it's deleted to make room for other releases.

Physical Submissions

It is helpful to include promotional material, a bio of your band/self, and/or brief description of the work in question. We also appreciate notification of the location of any offensive material (i.e. obscenities) in your release, where applicable. CHMR-FM accepts submissions of all genres of music, as well as spoken word. Please send your material to:

Box A-119
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
A1C 5S7
Attn: Music Director

While we make every attempt to enter all full-length submissions into our library, space is limited, forcing us at times to be more selective. All releases submitted to CHMR shall become the property of CHMR. By submitting your release to CHMR for airplay, you are also authorizing us to dispose of it in any manner including, but not limited to, on-air giveaways and fundraising sales, irrespective of any notice, written or otherwise, to the contrary. In the case of the latter, the price will be determined by CHMR.

Digital Submissions

The disadvantage to MP3 and WAV file submissions, is that they come with very little information, and there is too much music being submitted digitally to hunt down the information for each release. Quite frankly, just emailing an mp3 is lazy - and there are thousands of artists doing just that. Unfortunately, we don't have time to process all of the emails we receive with audio attachments. If you are submitting your music digitally, at least show that you're making an effort with your promotion by meeting the following criteria:

- It must be in mp3 format, and each track must be tagged with Artist, Song, Album, and Composer information. .m4a and .wav files will not be accepted.

- It can not be sent as an email with audio file attachments. These fill our storage space very quickly, and will be deleted immediately. Ideally, promotions companies will have a website that we can visit on a weekly basis from which new releases are downloaded.

- Submissions must be sent through a service such as Dropbox, Hightail, WeTransfer, etc. to Please note: we receive a high volume of email every day. If you are submitting music in this manner, you would be wise to follow up on it to make sure it didn't get overlooked or moved to a spam folder.

- CD booklets provide us with valuable information (lyrics, biographical information, warnings about tracks with potentially offensive language, recommended tracks, etc.), but mp3's don't usually come with any information. Any digital releases that do not come with the following information in a .pdf attachment will not be accepted:

- A Short Biography - give us some info on you as an artist or as a band. This is distributed to announcers to use on their programs. It is of particular interest to us if your music is CANADIAN, due to Canadian content requirements.
- Suggested tracks - Which tracks are representative of your best work?
- Warnings - If your release contains potentially offensive language (i.e. swearing) or subject matter, we need to know. If there is nothing offensive, just write "All tracks clean." This is important. We cannot assume that something is clean just because there aren't any warnings. Either tell us which songs contain obscenities, or tell us that all songs are clean. The high volume of music we receive makes it impossible to listen to all songs from beginning to end. If this information is not provided, we will not accept your mp3's.
- Songwriter information - CHMR is monitored by SOCAN on a quarterly basis to ensure that the licensing fees we pay are distributed to the artists we play! If you have registered your material with SOCAN, ASCAP, BMI, or any other organization responsible for collecting royalties, we need to know who is registered as the songwriter for each song.

We look forward to hearing from new artists locally and from around the world.

Copyright protection of submitted material

CHMR respects the work of all artists and does not condone file sharing or the copying of cd's, and we do have policies against it. However, the nature of campus radio is such that a large number of people have constant - and usually unsupervised - access to your music at all times. As such, it is impossible for us to guarantee that file or cd copying won't happen. We can not constantly monitor your material. As such we will not accept responsibility for any damages caused by the copying or sharing of material by our volunteers. By submitting your material to CHMR, you are agreeing to waive your rights to pursue legal action in the event of copyright infringement. If you do not agree wiith this, we respectfully request that you refrain from sending your material to us. Watermarked material will not be accepted. By sending us your music, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.