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5 CHMR Training Classes in September!

CHMR is celebrating the beginning of the Fall Semester with five training classes in September (14th, 15th, 23rd, 24th, and 25th - including two evening classes)!

Due to the high demand expected for these classes, registration is necessary. Click here for dates and to register.


MUNSU Board Meetings

CHMR broadcasts bi-weekly meetings of the MUNSU Board of Directors between September and April, and monthly from May to August.

Download the July 8th, 2015 meeting here.



Do you have a face for radio?

Join the CHMR-FM News Department!

We offer students free hands-on training in all the basics of newswriting and broadcasting. Nowhere else does!

Email: chmrnewsdirector@gmail.com


Submit Your Music

CHMR accepts music of all genres from independent and signed artists.

Our policy concerning music submissions, particularly with regards to copyright protection, has been updated. Submitting your music constitutes acceptance of this policy.

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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Time
6:00               6:00
7:00               7:00
8:00 Morning Show w/ Simbarashe Chiripanhura       The Friday Morning Markout     8:00
9:00     9:00
10:00 Alternative Radio Shed Talk New Dimensions The Green Majority Putumayo World Music Hour   The Sunday Morning Hangover Cure 10:00
11:00 Democracy Now! Democracy Now! Democracy Now! Democracy Now! Democracy Now!   11:00
12:00 Mid Day Report Mid Day Report Mid Day Report
with Steve Flynn
Mid Day Report The Colleen Power Hour NewFound Records The Songwriters 12:00
1:00 The Eastern Passage The Newfoundland Country Show 33, 45, 78 Earshot! Top 20 Ring Rust The Pixel Junkies Podcast Jiggs Dinner 1:00
2:00 Woodsongs Ritmo Latino 2:00
3:00 Science for the People East Coast Countdown NewFound Records   Uberswank 3:00
4:00 The Q Filmcast In the Beginning     The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour   4:00
5:00 Matthew Young and Conor McCann   MUNSU Council Meeting Live   The Japanese Music and Culture Show Reflection Time 5:00
6:00   Post Radio Living Heritage
(6 - 6:30 pm)
Masti Blues Deluxe The Canadian Country and Folk Show 6:00
7:00 Cosmic Debris   Swing Brazil Greyscale Sounds Back to the Past The Party The Sunday Night Bake Sale 7:00
8:00 Transparency with Steve Finn Muse on Music 8:00
9:00 The Blind Lemon Blues   Notes from the Feild   The Good Ol' Country Show The Power of the Beat Peaches Post-Punk Power Hour 9:00
10:00 The Wave Your Evening Melt   Voodoo Highway 10:00
11:00 Voodoo Highway       Radio Goethe 11:00
12:00 A.M.         12:00 A.M.
Morning Show Specialty: Classical, Blues, Jazz, etc. Spoken Word: News, Talk, General Interest, etc. Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, Country, etc. Dance, Hip-Hop, Techno, etc.