Why apply for an exchange program?

Studying abroad can be an incredible educational opportunity and a fantastic learning experience. It allows students to do something new, interesting, exciting and fun while simultaneously working towards the completion of their degree. Travel itself is a process of discovery and understanding and living in a foreign country can give young people new insights into the lives of others. Most students are attracted to exchange programs because they know that attending a university in a foreign county will give them the opportunity to meet new people, experience a new culture and see a different part of the world that they might have not otherwise have been able to see. In addition, travelling is usually the easiest and most exciting for university aged people. Getting out and seeing the world is something that everyone should be able to experience and being part of an exchange program is a good way to do that.

You can't overstate the life experience you can accumulate by studying abroad. Such an experience can give you confidence and make more self-assured for your entry into the "real world". Besides all of the personal benefits of studying abroad, there is the also the fact that for most young people going travelling is a fun, fantastic adventure.