School Profiles

Course options vary at each of the participating universities. At Limerick students can take courses in the government and politics and European studies programmes, including courses in Irish and European politics, European integration, international relations, history, economics and law. Because semesters run from September to January and February to May, it may be advantageous to go in the winter semester. See for information.

Leiden University in the Netherlands offers a range of courses in English for both Dutch and international students. Students can take courses in Political Science, Public Administration, Law, History as well as other disciplines. Courses are offered from September to December and January to May. For further information, try

Uppsala University in Sweden teaches its courses in 4-5 week blocks Students take one course per block. The fall semester runs from the beginning of September to mid-January. Winter semester runs from mid-January until early June. Uppsala typically offers a four bloc English language programme in comparative and Swedish politics in the fall. Courses in comparative and international politics are usually offered in the first two blocs of the winter semester. The latter two blocs are devoted to independent study, including an essay and research paper. Try for further information.