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Guidebook for exchange students

This guidebook is intended to provide students participating in the physical exchange with all of the information that they will need before they go. As there are seven institutions participating in the exchange, there are seven components to this guidebook.

General Information

  • Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates as of March 25, 1998 (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Currency Punt/ unit Guilder/ unit Pound/ unit Krona/ unit
$ Canadian
0.51 1.46 0.42 5.62
$ Canadian per unit
Punt 1.94
Guilder 0.68
Pound 2.36
Krona 0.18



  • University Profiles

  Before the exchange actually takes place it is necessary to have an understanding of the programs and profile of the university you will be attending.One of the ideal ways to accomplish this is thru the respective universities web sites. Information on classes, accomodations, and the local area are available thru university web pages as well as this site.




  • Off-Campus housing averages

These averages were calculated on the basis of what Off Campus Housing has listed. Different areas of St. John's have different rates of rent, but due to the lack of variety of listings, averages could not be tabulated that way.

* pou = plus own utilities

** All prices are in Canadian dollars. For current exchange rates: Foreign Exchange Rates

Boarding Houses

7 day week, 3 meals a day


1 bedroom, pou
1 bedroom including utilities
2 bedroom, pou
$520/month or $260/bedroom
2 bedroom, including utilities
$535/month or $267.50/bedroom
3 bedroom, pou
$700/month or $233/bedroom
4 bedroom, pou
$692/month or $173/bedroom

Houses to Rent

Utlities included

Houses to Share

Utilities included

Apartment Buildings

Bachelor apartment
1 bedroom apartment
2 bedroom apartment

Institutional and Administrative Co-ordinator
Dr. Steven B. Wolinetz
Department of Political Science


  • General Information
      • Memorial University
      • City of St. John's
      • Facilities and Services on MUN's St. John's Campus
      • International Student Advisor