Practical Information

Health Insurance

According to university policy, all international students must have health insurance through the university. This costs approximately C$160 per semester.

Money and Banking

There are many banks in St. John's. Bank machines are common in most public places and dispense Canadian money only. Currency may be exchanged at any major bank. Students can open an account at any Canadian bank, provided they have proper identification (such as a passport). Credit cards (mainly Visa and Mastercard) are widely accepted. Purchases must be made using Canadian currency.

Air Travel

Students coming to St. John's should fly in to St. John's International Airport (YYT). Direct flights on Air Canada are available from London to St. John's several times a week, or connections may be made through Toronto or Montreal.


Most all purchases made in Newfoundland will be subject to a 15% sales tax.


Weather in St. John's during winter (November through March) is rather cold and wet. Expect significant amounts of snow- bring lots of warm clothes!


Before departing for your exchange destination, it is a good idea to buy a guidebook. A guidebook is a book with specific details on living and travelling in a specific country or region. They provide important general information on culture, history and politics as well provide you with very specific detail on accommodation, restaurants and places to eat, places of interest and transportation in your destination. Most guidebook companies offer books focussed on specific countries or regions. There are also several guidebooks that are aimed specifically at young people travelling on a tight budget. Go to the travel section of your local bookstore or follow these links:

It may also be useful to bring along an English/Foreign Language dictionary and a guide to common expressions in the language of the country where you will be staying.

Exchange Rates

To get the current exchange rate for the day, be it for a particular amount or a single currency unit, Onanda Inc offers a free service to determine the current exchange rate based on several rates, whether they be credit card rates, Interbank rates, or the typical cash rate. Click on the address below to visit their converter page.


The following links may be useful in preparing for your international exchange program: