What will it cost?

European students wishing to participate in the CEUEP will pay tuition to their home university, take courses at MUN, and transfer the credits back. Students are responsible for paying full tuition to their home university, the costs of travel, visa and passport costs (if needed), health insurance, food, housing, books, and entertainment.

St. John's has a relatively low cost of living when compared with the rest of Canada. Housing on campus at Memorial University is quite affordable, costing approximately C$875; meal plans range in price from ~C$1140 to ~C$1300. However, many international students choose to stay in Burton's Pond apartments (flats), where students have kitchen facilities and may prepare their own food. For more information on housing at MUN, click here.

Students should budget approximately C$300 per semester for books and supplies. According to university regulations, all international students must have health insurance through the university. The cost for this insurance is approximately C$160 per semester.