This website is intended as a launch platform for the Canada - EU Exchange Programme. Take your time and browse around.
  • If you are a participant in the exchange programme as a mobile or non-mobile faculty member or a as a student, the links to each of the components of the programme can be found above.
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Programme Objectives

The aim of the project is to foster durable co-operation and exchanges among a consortium of Canadian and European Union universities, promoting mobility of students and academic staff, and at the same time, considering whether the use of new teaching technologies can increase the effectiveness of such exchanges.


Programme Description

The focus is integration and disintegration, centre-periphery relations, and regionalism in federal and transnational systems such as Canada and the European Union. The intent is not only to exchange students and faculty, but also to involve non-mobile students in a virtual seminar and simulations of EU and Canadian decision-making. The programme will also involve development and elaboration of simulation materials and experimentation with common courses (virtual seminars) delivered via the internet, as well as experimentation with and evaluation of the possibility of combining more traditional student and faculty exchanges with the use of new teaching technologies and the internet.


Programme Components

Components of the programme include:

  • exchanging a minimum of 21 Canadian and 28 European students
  • faculty exchanges
  • participation by mobile and non-mobile students in internet simulations of EU and Canadian decision-making
  • establishment of a virtual seminar
  • development of appropriate curriculum materials
  • evaluation of the desirability of combining exchanges with new teaching technologies as a device to enhance the utility of both.