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The European Union

A Bibliography

2nd edition, 1997

by Osvaldo Croci

Department of Political Science

Laurentian University

This is a revised, enlarged and better organised version of the first edition which appeared in 1994. Needless to say, it is not an exhaustive bibliography on the European Union. What you will find here is a list of books and articles I have come across first as a student and then as a teacher of courses on the European Union. I have limited myself to works in English and French. Except in a few special cases, I have not included articles published in reviews which are entirely devoted to the European Union (e.g. Journal of Common Market Studies or Journal of European Integration). Much has been left out and I will be glad to make any addition, or correction, you will send. You can contact me by email at:



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1.1 Official Publications

1.2 Periodicals


2.1 Periodicals

2.2 Bibliographies

2.3 Dictionaries and Reference Works

2.4 How to study the European Union

2.5 Economic Integration Theory

2.6 Political Integration Theory




5.1 Documents

5.2 Memoirs

5.3 Accounts of insiders

5.4 Historical works

5.5 Studies of personalities


6.1 General and Comparative

6.2 Austria

6.3 The Benelux countries

6.4 Denmark

6.5 Finland

6.6 France

6.7 Germany

6.8 Great Britain

6.9 Greece

6.10 Ireland

6.11 Italy

6.12 Portugal

6.13 Spain

6.14 Sweden

6.15 The case of Norway


7.1 General

7.2 The Maastricht Treaty


8.1 General

8.2 The Commission

8.3 The European Parliament

8.4 The European Court of Justice

8.5 The European Council

8.6 The Council of Ministers and COREPER

8.7 Economic and Social Committee

8.8 Interest Groups

8.9 Political Parties, Public Opinion and Elections

8.10 The Budget

8.11 Maastricht and the Future

8.12 The 1996 Intergovernmental Conference


9.1 General

9.2 The internal market after the SEA

9.3 Agricultural Policy

9.4 Fishery Policy

9.5 Competition Policy

9.6 Industrial Policy

9.7 Regional Policies

9.8 Monetary Policy

9.9 Energy Policy

9.10 Environmental Policy

9.11 Social Policy

9.12 Research and Development

9.13 Transport Policy

9.14 Cultural Policies

9.15 Domestic Security

9.16 Human Rights, Minorities, Immigration and Citizenship


10.1 General

10.2 Economic

10.3 Security

10.4 The United States

10.5 The former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc

10.6 EFTA countries

10.7 The Third World

10.8 The Mediterranean

10.9 The Middle-East

10.10 Japan and Asia

10.11 Canada

10.12 South Africa

10.13 Central and South America

10.14 Australia and New Zealand


1.1 Official Publications

The European Union has several internet sites: (European Union document delivery service run by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities). (run by the European Commission); (run by DG XII); by the Delegation of the European Commission in Washington D.C.). (ACitizens first@ information initiative launched by the European Commission and the European Parliament)

Other web sites of interest are: by ECSA-World and DG X of the Commission) (European University Institute, Florence) (Center for European Integration Studies at George Mason University) Community Studies Association) Community Studies Association-Canada) Library West European Studies) of Helsinki) of Mannheim) University) of Exeter) of Valencia) of Lund) University) Politics Daily) www resources at Aston University) on the internet - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana)

There are also some discussion lists on the EU. You can subscribe by sending the following messages:

SUBSCRIBE EURO-LEX [your name] to:

SUBS INFO-EUROPA [your name] to:

SUBSCRIBE IPE [your name] to:

SUBSCRIBE EU [your name] to

The Directory of Public Databases (Office of Official Publications of the European Union)

Eurocat: The Complete Catalogue of EC Publications and Documents(CD ROM containing material published by all EU institutions since 1985 and some before that date).

Publications (a list of publications of the Commission, published by the Secretariat-General, Publications, Division SG.B.4, rue de la Loi, 200, 1049 Bruxelles).

SCAD BULLETIN (this is a weekly analytical bibliographical bulletin which lists the main Union acts as well official publications and articles dealing with Union affairs).

See also:

European Parliament, Directorate General for Research, Accessing European Parliament Documentation, Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1993

1.2 Periodicals

Annuaire des Communautés européennes

BEI Informations (a periodical of the Banque européenne d'investissement).

Bulletin of the European Union (formerly Communities). It gives a monthly review of current developments

Directory of Community Legislation in Force and Other Acts of the Community Institutions

European Documentation

European File (publications which appear in these two series can be requested from: "Commission of the European Communities, Directorate-General Audiovisual Information, Communication and Culture, Publications Unit, 200 rue de la Loi, B-1049 Brussels)

European Parliament News

EURO-info (an information bulletin aimed at small business).

European Political Cooperation Documentation Bulletin (published since 1985).

General Report on the Activities of the European Community (published annually by the Commission)

Official Journal of the European Communities (it publishes Community legislation)

The European Information Service in Bruxelles (Rue de Genéve, 6, 1140 Bruxelles, Fax 32 2 242 95 49) publishes the periodicals listed below as well as a number of report/studies. Most of the material is also available on CD-ROM.

European Report (bi-weekly)

European Insights (weekly)

Europe Environment (fortnightlies)

Europe Energy

Agri-Service International

Agri-Industry Europe (monthly)

Europe Intelligence

European Social Policy


Monthly Report on Europe

Multinational Service

Tech Europe

Transport Europe



2.1 Periodicals

Agence Europe

Annuaire Européen

Cadmos: Nouvelle Revue Européenne

Cahiers du Curei (Grenoble)

Common Market Law Review

Current Politics and Economics of Europe

Current Survey of the European Communities

Economic Policy

ECSA Newsletter (European Community Studies Association)




L'Europe en formation

Europe Magazine

European Affairs


European Business Journal

European Economic Review

European Economy

European Environmental Law Review

European Environmental Review

European Environmental Yearbook

European Food Law Review

European Foreign Affairs Review

European Industrial Relations Review

European Journal for Political Research

European Journal of Political Economy

European Journal of International Relations

European Law Review

European Report

European Security

The European Union Review

European Urban and Regional Studies

L'Evénement Européen

The Federalist

Journal of Areas Studies

Journal of Common Market Studies/Revue du Marché Commun

Journal of European Integration/Revue d'Integration Européenne

Journal of European Public Policy

Journal of European Social Policy

Journal of West European Studies

The Korean Journal of EU Studies

Industrial Relations Europe


Legal Issues of European Integration

Mediterranean Politics

New European

Political Science and European Unification (LSE)

Regional and Federal Studies

Revue des Affaires Européennes

Revue de Droit Européen

Revue d'Histoire de l'intégration européenne/Journal of European Integration History

Revue du Marché commun et de l'Union européenne

Revue du Marché Unique Européen

Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Européen

South European Society and Politics

West European Politics

Yearbook of European Law

Yearbook of European Studies

Yearbook of the European Communities and other European organizations


2.2 Bibliographies

BUNYAN, Tony, Researching the European State: a critical guide, London: Starewatch, 1996

LODGE, Juliet (ed.), The European Community: Bibliographical Excursions, London: Frances Pinter, 1983.

2.3 Dictionaries and Reference Works

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2.4 How to study the European Union

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2.5 Economic Integration Theory

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2.6 Political Integration Theory

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