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Complete a CEQ Online

Course Evaluation Questionnaires (CEQs) are available for select courses through MUN's self-service site.

Completing the CEQ online is easy and convenient:

1) Log in to Student Self-Service;

2) If you are registered for courses using the online CEQ, then you will see "Course Evaluation Questionnaire" appear in your main menu. Click this item to be taken to the list of participating courses; (Note: the "Reports" link is for CEQ reports of past semesters)

Student Self-Service Menu

3) You will see a list of courses you are registered for this semester for which an online CEQ form is available. Select the course you want to evaluate and complete the form.

The CEQ gives you an opportunity to provide your feedback about your course. If you have any questions about the online CEQ, please contact the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP) at 864-4016/8658 or email