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CEQ Review Committee Nominations

The following is the official call for nominations sent through MUN Newsline:

The Course Evaluation Questionnaire (CEQ) has been in use at Memorial University for a decade. The Senate Committee on Course Evaluation, which works closely with the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning, was recently granted approval by the Senate to form a CEQ review committee. Its task will be to undertake a review of the CEQ - the form itself as well as the administration procedures and guidelines. This review committee will consist of faculty, staff and student members. As such, nominations are open for two faculty members to serve on the CEQ review committee as detailed below.

The faculty member acting as chair should have demonstrated commitment to university teaching. Such commitment could be in the form of teaching award(s), publications on teaching and learning, and professional development in teaching. The chair will be responsible for overseeing the work of the review committee, which will take place during the 2010-2011 academic year. The process will involve extensive internal consultation with members of the Memorial University community. A final report will be delivered to the Senate Committee on Course Evaluation by the end of the academic year.

Faculty member:
The faculty member should have demonstrated research experience in teaching and/or teaching evaluation. Ideally, such experience will be in the form of some combination of publications on teaching and learning, conference and workshop presentations, and institutional experience in teaching evaluation development. The faculty member will also ideally have experience in various modes of course delivery, including face-to-face, distance and blended learning.

Nominations can be self-nominations or nominations of colleagues. It is anticipated that the review committee will be formed by the beginning of October 2010.

The SCCE invites nominations to Sharon Pippy,, by Sept. 27, 2010.