GIVE: Volunteer Service


This is the core of the VIP Program! We believe there’s a valuable volunteer experience out there for every MUN student, and the VIP Program helps to encourage more students to give volunteering a try.

What counts as Volunteer Service?

Just like being employed can mean anything from collecting trash to cashing cheques, there are MANY different ways to volunteer! For the purposes of the VIP Program, volunteering means giving your time to an organization or cause without receiving financial or academic compensation.

Where do I volunteer?

You can volunteer with any organization or event, or any combination of organizations or events, to reach the total number of hours for the level you’re completing. If you need help finding a volunteer position you can come visit us during our office hours.

You can also browse our volunteer positions or subscribe to SVB Weekly.

How do I keep track of my hours?

It’s a good idea to keep your own records of the volunteer work you do. For the VIP Program, you will need a signed VIP Organization Form for each organization/event you volunteer with. It needs to be completed by you and signed by someone who can verify your volunteer work.

Click here for a VIP Organization Form!

Want to know how many hours you need? It depends on what level you're completing! Check out the pages for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and/or Platinum for each level's specific requirements.


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