Bronze Level


It all starts here!

Everyone who participates in VIP starts at the Bronze Level before they can ascend through the rest of the program.

We believe we’ve made VIP Bronze achievable for any and every student – provided you have ~25 hours to dedicate to the program during the semester you apply.

As an introduction to VIP, the Bronze Level is meant to kickstart your self-development by giving you a glimpse of volunteerism, professional development, and the power of self-awareness gained through reflection.

Bronze Level Requirements:

Click on a category name for more details on how to fulfill that category's requirements. 

GIVE (Volunteer Service)20 hours
GROW (Professional Development)1 hour
GAIN (Self-Awareness)2 - 3 hours


Want to make sure you've completed all the requirements? Click here for the VIP Bronze Checklist.


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