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Getting Connected To Wireless

Step 1. Meet the hardware requirements

Current registered students, faculty and staff members of Memorial can access the wireless network if they have a 802.11g capable wireless card.
Most computers carry this wireless card and will to able to connect to the network. If you are not sure whether you meet this requirement contact the Service Desk.

Step 2. Create a wireless account and register your wireless device

Use the online Device Authorization Tool (DAT) to create a wireless account. The DAT can also be used to Sponsor a Visitor/ Guest for a temporary account.

Step 3. Configure your wireless device

             Please refer to the setup documents below for assistance:

*Please note - if your computer is running Windows XP or if it is configured to log onto a Windows Domain, wireless networking will not automatically configure.  In order to set up your device you will have to use the manual setup instructions found below.

Manual setup documentation:


Forget your Wireless Password?

Simply login into the Device Authorization Tool (DAT) form above using you MUN login ID to reset it!