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Wired Access on Campus

Network wall plates are located in most offices, laboratories, and classrooms for use by faculty, staff and students across campus.

In order to connect to MUN's wired network you must first complete a Network Service Request Form.

Residence Wired Network

In September 2008, Information Technology Services began offering wired network access in student residences. Currently this service is limited to Barnes, Blackall, and Rothermere, but the service will be expanded over time to cover all of Paton College residence.

The primary intent of the wired ports in residence is to provide reliable, dedicated access to Memorial Universities network for students who own computers that do not meet the requirements to connect to MUN's existing wireless network, and for those students that simply prefer to use a wired connection for their laptop or desktop computer.

Since security is so important in protecting your computer and the computers belonging to other people on campus, this service is offered only to current MUN students. To use a residence wired port you will need a user name and password that is provided when you register with Information Technology Services.

In order to connect to MUN's wired network you must first complete an online Residence Wired Network Form.

You will need you MUN Login credentials to access the form to create a wired username and password. In addition to your user name and password, there are instructions available to configure your computer to work on the wired ports.

Please Note: Your RESNet wired user name and password syncs with your Wireless user name and password. If you change the password for one, it will change the password for both.

You must have a user name and password, and your computer must me properly configured to work on Memorial Universities Residence Wired port.

Once you are set up, you can log in to your wired or wireless account, but not both simultaneously.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the Service Desk via e-mail: or via telephone (709) 864-4595.

Updated: March 4, 2015