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C&C Service Desk

Tired of spending time cleaning junk mail out of your inbox?  The Department of Computing and Communications (C&C) has been listening to client concerns regarding spam and is preparing to take action.  Effective Thursday, February 13, C&C will be automatically deleting more messages being flagged as spam.  For those of you who normally spend time throughout the week deleting messages tagged as “xxSPAMxx”, we’re planning to make your life a little easier and our computers here at MUN a little more secure.  More secure?  Yes, clicking on links in junk email is a common source of malware infections.  Of course, if you’re okay with spam and would like to handle your own junk mail management, just let us know.  We can adjust your individual spam settings to suit your needs.  As always, C&C is well aware of the fact that more aggressive spam filtering and auto-deletion increase the chance that legitimate email may be impacted.  While this is unlikely, we do ask that clients report any legitimate email being marked as spam and notify us if an email you were expecting fails to land in your inbox.   Questions or concerns about this announcement?  Please don’t hesitate to contact the C&C Service Desk at 864-4595 or

Feb 4th, 2014

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