Network Connectivity issues, Labrador Institute - Nov. 26, 2013
C&C Service Desk

The Labrador Institute is currently experiencing intermittent network connectivity.  C&C are currently investigating the issue.

Updated 11:00AM

Update 1:30PM - It appears to be an issue with Bell's service.  Bell's technicians are working on a Fibre issue in Goose Bay.

Update 3:30PM - Bell's technicians are still working on addressing the issue with the fibre break. They have moved some services off of the broken infrastructure, specifically telephone and mobile, and they are attempting to provision resources to restore some internet services, but any temporary measures they put in place will have slow internet speeds, and full speed will not return until the fibre is repaired.

November 27th, 2013 updates:

Update 9:30AM - Additional technicians have been deployed from Labrador City to assist with the issue.

Update 12:30PM - Bell Aliant technicians are still searching for the fibre break.

Update 4:30PM - a second fibre break has been identified, the first has been located and is being worked on. Once that is finished they will turn their attention to the second break.

November 28th, 2013 updates:

Update 10:00AM - Services appear to have improved, however, Bell Technicians are still working on and monitoring the issue.

Update 2:30PM - Final update from Bell

At approximately 5:00 PM AST, November 27th, the primary cable was successfully spliced and service was restored. The issue was then downgraded from a Severity 1 Outage to a Severity 2 Threat while the secondary link was repaired.

Around 9:00 PM AST, November 27th, the secondary link was repaired and redundancy was restored.




Nov 26th, 2013

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