* Due to the sensitive nature of racism and oppression in our society, some may be sensitive to the information contained in various references. Please use this information critically and with discretion.


Anti-Racism and Diversity Bibliography from Co Action (Communication and Diversity Training Consultants):
Bibliography only.

Anti-Racist Action (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.):
Links, news, events, music and e-mail forum.

Anti-Racist Action (Toronto):
Music, art, newsletters, links, benefit CD, merchandise etc.

Anti-Racist Social Work Page:
This St.Thomas University Social Work website provides anti-racist social work information including a glossary of anti-racist social work terms, literature related to anti-racist social work, as well as many other related links.

Artists Against Racism.

Center For Equal Opportunity:
The Center for Equal Opportunity is devoted exclusively to the promotion of colour-blind equal opportunity. It focuses on three areas in particular: racial preferences, immigration, assimilation, and multicultural and bilingual education.

Community Advisory Committee on Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism:
Mission statement, how it works, and a list of local associations that are members.

Crosspoint Anti-Racism:
Excellent site. Provides annotated links to 1500 websites searchable by country or topic, including Canada. Includes extensive resources on important topics such as Indigenous Peoples, Jewish Peoples and Shoah, Human Rights and Refugees, Disabled Individuals, Gay and Lesbian Individuals, and Women.

Diversity Research, Evaluation and Impact:
Abstracts and excerpts, unless otherwise stated.

Estable, A., Meyer, M., & Pon, G. (1997). Teach me to thunder: A training manual for anti-racism trainers. Canadian Labour Congress."Teach Me To Thunder"...resources for anti-racism training in many contexts including health care institutions, includes training activities/handouts/list of resources. For more info contact:

French Anti-Racism Web-Site.

Jewish Bibliographies on the Internet:
A bibliography focusing on race, class, Anti-Semitism and Jewish history.

Jewish Communities of The World.

Providing resources and education in areas of feminism, anti-racism, spiritual development and sexual justice. Information on who they are, what they do and links.

Love Sees No Color Web Ring:
Brings together people of all races, nations, and colors on the World Wide Web to support improving race relations.

Mediation Program Approach Conflict Resolution:
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency: October 1996: Conflict resolution education guide. Programs in schools, youth-serving organizations and community juvenile justice settings.

Minnesota Churches Anti-Racism Initiative (MCARI):
Lists the names and details of seminars and workshops carried out in this area in 1998.

Ontario Black Anti-Racist Research Institute:
Mission statement and excellent links.

Perspectives On Racism: Anti-Semitism in Canada (The Nizkor Project):
Dr. Karen Mock's paper which explores the roots and evolution of anti-Semitism, hate propaganda and racism and what can be done about it.

Race Relations:
North Okanagan Initiatives, Partners and Resources, Sites of Interest, The North Okanagan Youth Race Relations Committee.

'Science Technology & Race' workshop:
By Paul Rosen: This workshop raised a wide range of issues cutting across the topics in the title and beyond them as well. Most pleasing, in many ways, was the fact that although we divided the two sessions up between 'science and race' and 'technology and race', there were many points of connection among the papers, and these were drawn out both by speakers and other participants.

Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism Committee Website:
Excellent site. In acknowledging the existence of racism, the People of Sioux Lookout have formed the Anti-Racism committee so that everyone may learn to work and live together, respecting and celebrating our differences, in order to develop a just community where the future will be better for all.

The ERAM (Ethnicity, Racism and the Media) Program:
UK program that encourages discussion and exchange of research on media portrayals of ethnic and racial minorities.

The Not So Secret Relationship Between Jews And The Slave Trade: The Polemical Dimension:
By Harold Brackman Simon Wiesenthal Center. The year of the
Persian Gulf War, 1991, also marked the eruption of another, ongoing conflict which might be called the Black-Jewish "history war" over responsibility for the Atlantic slave trade.

The Progressive Resource/Action Co-operative:
Promotes social justice with peace. Includes description of activities, a reading room and links.

Toronto Coalition Against Racism.

Urban Alliance on Race Relations:
Canadian organization promoting racial harmony and equal opportunity through education and research.

The World Jewish Congress.

Violence Among Youth Action Committee:
Psychologists for Social Responsibility recognizes that one of the greatest and growing threats to children and youth today is violence. In some areas, violence is the leading killer of young people.

Welcome to Teen-Net: S.Y.M.O.N. - Articles:
"I'm Jewish so TECHNICALLY "Not White". A few weeks ago a debate was held in my school between KKK members, NEO-NAZI members and a few NON-RACIST groups. Now somehow they found out that I was Jewish, how I'll never know..."

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1996 Conference of the Network on School Links and Exchanges:
"Cultural Diversity, Conflict, Co-Operation and School Links and Exchanges. Report of the Working Group on History Projects and School Links and Exchanges.

1997 AMCD Western Region Professional Development Conference:
Cross-cultural competencies for interactive diversity.

Academy Foundation Training:
Cultural diversity participant manual (II).

All Suburbs Are Not Created Equal: A New look at Racial Differences in Suburban Location, by David R. Harris -
Population Studies Centre, University of Michigan:
(Listed under "Current Research")

Anti-Racism and Diversity Bibliography from Co Action (Communication and Diversity Training Consultants):
Bibliography only.

Circumpolar Universities Association (Working for Co-operation in Northern Education):
The association was formed to facilitate research and higher education in the North. News and information, publications, activities, membership and links.

Coghill Beery International:
Helping organizations develop cross-cultural competencies for global competitive advantage.

CRU Institute:
Conflict mediation programs. Lists, description and prices of materials.

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Developing Sustainable Communities

Disability Etiquette Handbook.
Created to provide a single information source where users can acess federal government services, programs and information relating to disabilities. (American site)

Diversity Council Annual Report:
Excellent Site. Wealth of information.

Includes resources organized around seven Campus Diversity Priorities.

Does Diversity Make a Difference? Three Research Studies on Diversity in College Classrooms:
Users can download the text of the report, as well as an executive summary in .pdf format. home.html

Education Alliance (Brown University, U.S.A):
Includes advocacy, leadership, training, language and culture curriculum designs. Also includes action and research publications, networking and conference sponsorship, capacity building and course offerings. All designed to enhance diversity, educational reform initiatives. Site also lists additional links.

Empowerment Resources for Personal Growth, Social Change, and Ecology.

Firehall Arts Center:
Presenting and producing contemporary dance and theatre which reflects the cultural diversity of Canada.

Florida State University Multicultural Perspectives with a Focus On Human Diversity:
Course syllabus.

Handling Ethnicities and/or Securing Cultural Diversity:
Eric Kasten's discussion paper expressing the need for bicultural education systems to maintain cultural diversity.

HRD Press Catalogue:
List of workshops and publications which include 1) 50 Activities for Diversity Training 2) Cultural Diversity Sourcebook 3) Workforce Diversity.

Human Resources Management Basics:
This site contains information and links on the basics of human resource management: compensation and benefits, diversity, human resource management on the Internet, job analysis, organizational development, performance management, recruiting, and training.

Inclusion Press.
Inclusion Press is a small independent press striving to produce readable, accessible, user-friendly books and resources about full inclusion in school, work, and community.

Internet Discussion Lists for Social Workers.

Jewish Communities of The World.

Loyola / Notre Dame Library (Baltimore, Maryland):
Diversity bibliography resource list.

Managing Workplace Diversity:
Information on workplace diversity as well as links to ageism, disabilities, gender, sexual orientation, affirmative action and the EEOC. Also includes a workplace/cultural diversity bibliography.

Mardena Creek CWC Bibliography No 1, 1991:
This bibliography summarises six articles which offer practical advice about how to help diverse students learn and write in a university setting.

Marriage Wanes as American Families Enter New Century
(University of Chicago Research):
This report assesses changes in the structure and attitudes of the American family and provides data on the changing composition of US households. The study also found the emergence of a new socioeconomic-based differential in the choice of marriage among the middle and working classes.

Michigan State University (Social Work):
Some diversity resources on the net.

Minnesota Early Childhood Education Training Clearinghouse Database:
Listing of dates and locations for 1999 cultural diversity training workshops.

Spotlights Quaker work on disarmament, conflict resolution, and other social issues with news and links.

Pennsylvania State University Training:
Human diversity training for medical students.

Poynter Online:
Diversity bibliography online, print articles and books.

River Region Human Services Inc.:
Training and education calendar. Includes details on human diversity workshops.

Senior Women Web:
A combination of links and information directly relevant to it's core audience. Includes additional resources for a general audience as well. For example, the listing under Arts and Entertainment has many valuable links for anyone interested, whereas the current reading list is definitely more focused around topics of interest to senior women. Other topics include Computers and the Internet, Grandparenting and Politics and Campaign 2000. Along with well written pieces on topics ranging from real estate to communicating with your doctor, the site includes a "letters from readers" column, as well as a new links section.

Social Work Resources.

Sustainable Communities: How To.

The Canadian Jewish Congress.

The Canadian Jewish News.

The Changing Face of the Federal Workplace - A Symposium on Diversity: Report on the September 1993 proceedings.
WomenInWorkforce/ WorkforceDiversity/full-text

The North Consortium (Canada-European Community Programme for Cooperation in Higher Education and Training):
Promoting student involvement in the economic, cultural and political development of northern peripheral regions. Introduction, eligibility, application and partners.

The Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet:
Paper on the cultural diversity in the eating customs of Puerto Rico and America.

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business:
Topics include teaching diversity, bibliographies, online magazines and other resources, age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion and race.

The Richardson Company:
Diversity training program listings.

The World Jewish Congress.

Web Resources for Social Workers

Y? The National Forum on People's Differences:
A moderated and edited online environment that is designed to give readers a way to ask people from other ethnic and cultural backgrounds the questions they've always been too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask. Topics welcome include those related to race/ethnicity, age, class, disability, gender, geography, occupation, religion or sexual orientation.

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Continually updated bibliographic databases covering Africana periodical literature, African Women's literature, and women travelers and explorers to Africa. Created and maintained by Davis Bullwinkle, Director of the Institute for Economic Advancement Research Library, University of Arkansas-Little Rock.

Appraisal and Perspectives on Education for International Understanding - Canadian Report prepared for the 44th Session of the International Conference on Education.

COR Multicultural Training and Communications:
Cultural diversity training and other links.

Education and Multiculturalism:
Prof. Vedrana Spajic-Vrkas, Ph.D., University of Zagreb discussion paper on education and multiculturalism and resolving racial conflict.

ERIC CRIB - General Multicultural Resources:
Creating a multicultural environment is a priority for most college campuses. Many people conceptualize this issue purely in terms of numbers of students or faculty of color, essentially recruitment.

Ethics Updates:
Introductory literature on race, ethnicity, multiculturalism and ethical theory. Discussion, Internet resources, bibliographical guide and discussion questions.

Florida State University Multicultural Perspectives with a Focus On Human Diversity:
Course syllabus.

From Slavery to Freedom: The African-American Pamphlet Collection, 1824-1909
Part of the Library of Congress's American Memory project, this collection of pamphlets constitutes a wonderful collection of online primary resources in African-American history. Users can examine works here by pivotal black writers, such as Frederick Douglass, Kelly Miller, Charles Sumner, Mary Church Terrell, and Booker T. Washington. The materials deal with slavery, emancipation, African colonization, and related topics; and range from "personal accounts and public orations to organizational reports and legislative speeches." The collection is searchable by keywords and browseable by subject, author, and title.

Multicultural Issues in Social Work:

Multiculturalism: A Policy Response To Diversity:
Paper prepared on the occasion of the "1995 Global Cultural Diversity Conference", 26-28 April 1995, and the "MOST Pacific Sub-Regional Consultation", 28-29 April 1995, both in Sydney, Australia. Preface introduction. Ethnic and cultural diversity, diversity language, diversity and religion, diversity and the mass media, multiculturalism the emerging prominence of multiculturalism, policy response to cultural diversity: the Australian case, the future of multiculturalism, references. ANNEX I - Activities on the Cultural Rights of Persons Belonging to Minorities and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples within UNESCO's Fields of Competence. ANNEX II - Selective list of UNESCO's Normative Instruments in the field of Cultural Rights.

Native Americans:
Bibliography of Native American culture, including books, slides, and art.

Oakland Community College:
List of bibliographies dealing with diversity in the workplace, minorities in the United States, multiculturalism in education, selected multicultural and diversity web sites.

Racism And The Challenges Of Multiculturalism.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Online:
Response magazine, resources and library, international section, arts and lecture calendar, volunteer, member or contribution.

Teaching English as a Second Language:
Links only.

The ERAM (Ethnicity, Racism and the Media) Program:
UK program that encourages discussion and exchange of research on media portrayals of ethnic and racial minorities.

Unpacking on the Prairie: Jewish Women in the Upper Midwest
Bringing together elements of ethnic, regional, and women studies, this site explores the history of pioneer Jewish Women in the Great Lakes and Plains regions. In text and images, the site narrates the journey from "the old country" through immigration tribulations in the East to setting up new homes in the frontier Middle West. The site examines the challenges of living in an environment often culturally and materially hostile to Jewish traditions and the solutions devised by Jewish women for dealing with everything from issues of keeping food kosher to coping with anti-Semitic neighbors and officials.

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Burnaby & New Westminster: Youth Pages 1995
Burnaby & New Westminster Information Directory. Racism is more than telling ethnic jokes. It is a deep-rooted attitude which influences the way people view the world and upon which they base their personal interactions. Racist ideas fall on a continuum...

Countering Antisemitism and Hate in Canada Today:
This document, written by Karen R. Mock, National Director of the League for Human Rights of B'nai B'rith Canada, provides a summary of antisemitism in Canada, a history of the constitutional and legislative issues, and recommendations for community action, education and awareness to fight contemporary antisemitism.

Gendercide Watch:
This website is devoted to raising awareness, facilitating research, and disseminating educational resources on gendercide (i.e. gender-selective mass killing). Gendercide Watch features an annotated listing of current gendercide articles and reports in the news, a comprehensive discussion and definition of the phenomenon, as well as detailed case studies of gendercide occurrences in several countries and contexts. An extensive, annotated list of gendercide and genocide links is given along with news releases from Gendercide Watch about current gendercide issues. Gendercide Watch is "a project of the Gender Issues Education Foundation (GIEF), a registered charitable foundation based in Edmonton, Alberta."

Is Racism a Problem in Healthcare?
(Note: Statistics and examples are mainly from the United States)

Newsgroup, chat and discussion forum.

Race Relations:
North Okanagan Initiatives, Partners and Resources, Sites of Interest, The North Okanagan Youth Race Relations Committee.

Racism Resources for Social Workers

Racism, Hate Crimes and the Law:
Proceedings of a symposium held in Vancouver, British Columbia on November 27th- 29th 1992.

Racists Attack Rishi Maharaj in Queens, New York, USA - NYTimes October 7, 1998 United Ethnically, and by an Assault By SOMINI SENGUPTA and VIVIAN S. By age 5, Rishi Maharaj was waving an American flag. By the time he was a teen-ager, he was haranguing his family to register to vote.

The Jewish Student Online Resource Center (JSOURCE):
Nazi genocide against the Jews. In the United States, the movement has been known in recent years primarily through the publication of editorial-style advertisements...

Toronto Coalition Against Racism.

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Human Rights

Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission

British Columbia Human Rights Commission

Canadian Human Rights Commission

Gendercide Watch:
This website is devoted to raising awareness, facilitating research, and disseminating educational resources on gendercide (i.e. gender-selective mass killing). Gendercide Watch features an annotated listing of current gendercide articles and reports in the news, a comprehensive discussion and definition of the phenomenon, as well as detailed case studies of gendercide occurrences in several countries and contexts. An extensive, annotated list of gendercide and genocide links is given along with news releases from Gendercide Watch about current gendercide issues. Gendercide Watch is "a project of the Gender Issues Education Foundation (GIEF), a registered charitable foundation based in Edmonton, Alberta."

Human Rights Dialogue:
Quarterly publication of the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs.

Human Rights Watch World Report 2000:
This annual world report summarizes the state of human rights in 66 countries around the world. This year's report is distinguished by its note of guarded optimism. It cites two main trends: international courts are increasingly attempting to bring sovereign leaders to justice and nations are more willing to act in concert against a single nation to oppose human rights violations. Separate sections of the report address special topics, such as academic freedom, child soldiers, the international campaign to ban landmines, and lesbian and gay rights.

Manitoba Human Rights Commission

New Brunswick Human Rights Commission

Newfoundland Human Rights Commission

Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Association

Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission

Ontario Human Rights Commission

Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission

Quebec Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

The State of the World's Children 2000:
This year's UNICEF State of the World's Children report includes an appeal for a new international coalition on behalf of children. The report also summarizes progress made since the 1990 World Summit for Children and the challenges that remain. Included in the report are a number of photographs, maps, tables, and a glossary.

US Department of State: Annual Report on International Religious Freedom

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Additional Websites

Anti-Defamation League:
Report summaries, publications, press releases, newsletters and educational materials from a group that fights anti-Semitism.

Assembly of First Nations:
Aims to restore nation to nation relationships and provide a united voice on Indian issues in Canada.

Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA):

Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA) Discussion List:
This is a moderated list, established as an international electronic forum for anyone using or interested in community organization or social administration.

Association for Students of African Descent (ASAD):
Excellent site. Lots of links.

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW):
The Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women is a national non-governmental organization founded in 1976. It is committed to advancing the position of women in society, to encouraging research about the reality of women's lives and to affirming the diversity of women's experience. Their activities include publishing woman-centered research, sponsoring research through a modest grant-in-aid program and an annual scholarship in women's history, and recognizing feminist scholars and writers through a program of prizes and awards. They also maintain two databases: one profiles feminist researchers and their work; the other focuses on women and global issues.

Census Bureau Reports:
One in Five People Had Difficulty Satisfying Basic Needs in 1995:
Examines demographic data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation. It concludes one in five people had difficulty meeting basic needs, such as food, shelter, and health care. Substantial correlative data is given concerning race, gender, region, employment, income, educational attainment, and other typical demographic categories.
Abstract: Download:

Chicago Video Project:
Provides video communications resources to advocacy and community development organizations that work to improve housing, education, economic development and employment conditions in low and moderate-income communities.

Community Development Society

Council on Social Work Education:
The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) provides national leadership and a forum for collective action designed to ensure the preparation of competent social work professionals. It's main responsibility is to promote and maintain the quality of social work education. Founded in 1952, CSWE is a non-profit, tax-exempt, national association representing over 3,000 individual members and 142 graduate and 439 undergraduate programs of professional social work education in major colleges and universities in the United States. This site contains a variety of useful information, including links to other social work associations.

Developing Sustainable Communities.

Disability Etiquette Handbook

Diversity Research, Evaluation and Impact:
Abstracts and excerpts, unless otherwise stated.

Duquesne University Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy:
Description of requirements necessary for the Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies program.

Empowerment Resources for Personal Growth, Social Change, and Ecology.

Gender-Related Electronic Forums:
An annotated listing of publicly-accessible e-mail discussion forums related to women or to women-focused gender issues.
Maintained by Joan Korenman

George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis:
Social Work and Social Services Websites

This website features news and analysis of the economic and cultural ramifications of the wide divide between the haves and the have-nots in America. The site includes both original articles and reprints from various sources, economic statistics, recent news stories, and for those doing research, a useful list of both online and print resources as well as an extensive contact list of experts.

Institute for Research on Poverty Discussion Papers, University of Wisconsin-Madison:
Barriers to the Employment of Welfare Recipients
Authors: S. Danziger, M. Corcoran, S. Danziger, C. Heflin, A. Kalil, J. Levine, D. Rosen, K. Seefeldt, K. Siefert, & R. Tolman

Internet Discussion Lists for Social Workers.

Internet Resources for Social Workers:
Links for both beginning and experienced social workers. Provides links to a large number of sources, including Canadian websites.

Internet Resources for Women's Studies:
Sites related to women's studies, feminism, and women's organizations. There are Canadian sites listed as well.

Job Mobility in 1990's Britain: Does Gender Matter?
Institute for Social and Economic Research: Working Paper 99-26
Authors: Alison L. Booth and Marco Francesconi

Liste des Organizations Constituantes et les Reseau des Commissions:
Excellent French organization resource site.

Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General
The first Surgeon General's report on mental health reveals that nearly half of all Americans who have a severe mental illness fail to seek treatment. The report takes a life-span approach, considering vulnerability to distinct forms of mental and behavioral disorders at different stages of life as well as the impact of gender, culture, and age on the diagnosis, course, and treatment of mental illness.

Native Americans:
Bibliography of Native American culture including books, slides, and art.

Report on the Canadian Forces' Response to Woman Abuse in Military Families:
This report was prepared by the Family Violence and the Military Community research teams of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Familiy Violence at the University of New Brunswick, and the Resolve Violence and Abuse Research Centre at the University of Manitoba.

Scout Report for Social Sciences:
A useful resource for faculty, students, staff, and librarians in the Social Sciences. Topics include research, learning resources, publication resources (books, journals, technical reports, and other reports), conference and meeting announcements and calls for papers, and grant announcements.

Sexual Harassment Information Site

Shifting Sands: The Changing Shape of Atlantic Canada
Economic and Demographic Trends and Their Impacts on Seniors
By Susan Lilly and Joan M. Campbell (March 1999):
The purpose of this paper is to increase public understanding of demographic and economic trends and their impacts on seniors, and to encourage policy makers to begin to plan for an older population. The document was produced by Health Canada (Health Promotion and Programs Branch, Atlantic Region), under the guidance of the Atlantic Seniors Liason Committee, which includes: Department of Health and Community Services of Newfoundland and Labrador, Department of Health and Social Services of Prince Edward Island, Department of Health and Community Services of New Brunswick, and the Nova Scotia Senior Citizens' Secretariat. (English) (French)

Social Work Resources.

Support Indigenous Sovereignty.

Sustainable Communities: How To.

The Differential Impact of Judicial Politics in the Field of Gender Equality: Three National Cases Under Scrutiny
- Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne
Author: Sabrina Tesoka

The Heterosexism Enquirer:
Those involved in teaching/researching women's studies, feminist theory, etc. may be interested in this site. It is designed to relay information about heterosexism and its issues in Newfoundland and Labrador.

UNESCO Photobank Online Image Database:
UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) offers this database of over 10 000 images dating back to 1946. They depict subjects related to UNESCO's activties: education, food relief and preserving culture. Culture as a theme got the largest grouping of over 1000 images.

US Department of Justice
Homicide Trends in the United States:
This site provides a series of data charts that describe homicide patterns and trends in the United States since 1976. Coverage includes statistics on demographic trends by age, gender, and race, as well as infantcide and eldercide.

Web Resources for Social Worker

Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development, and Peace for the 21st Century (Beijing +5)

Women and Heart Disease:
An Atlas of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mortality
Features over 200 national and state maps of heart disease mortality among women. Collectively, these maps "provide critical data on geographic, racial, and ethnic inequalities in women's heart disease death rates for the five major racial and ethnic groups." Users can download the 239-page atlas in its entirety or by sections. They can also view national maps, interactive state maps with county information, and methodological and technical notes.

Women in Global Science and Technology (WIGSAT):
Supports global networking on critical issues in science and technology. Two of its purposes are to bring together researchers to address emerging critical issues in gender, science and technology for development and to act as an electronic information bridge and support for major global gender, science and technology issues.

Women of Color Web:
Explores the intersection of gender and race on topics such as feminism, sexuality, and reproductive health and rights. The site provides access to articles, book chapters, critical essays, as well as links to organizations, discussion lists, and academic tools.

Women with Disabilities:
This new site from the National Women's Health Information Center offers a variety of resources of interest to women with disabilities. It deals with issues affecting older women and minorities as well. It provides information on federal laws and regulations that protect those with disabilities as well as extensive lists of services and support resources. A section on statistics may prove especially useful to researchers and educators.

World March of Women 2000:
Canadian Website:
International Website:

World - Society & Politics - Issues & Policy - Other Issues A-Z - Race - Race Issues - Anti-Racist Groups.

World Summit for Social Development and Beyond:
Achieving Social Development for all in a Globalized World

World Wide Web Resources for Social Workers:
A meta-site with more than 12 000 links. Users can browse by category or search the site.

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