Food Drives - Suggested Items


If you are collecting for Friday, October 27, 2017's food drive, this below page has wanted items.  There are also additional details on our location, plus more foods to choose from, on this linked page.   We thank you in advance for your support!

Our 13 Most wanted items

If you would like to help us out by having a food drive within your society or department, any non-perishable item is gratefully accepted. If you want suggestions, we have listed below our 13 most wanted items, and invite you to donate them in any amount and combination that suits you.   The list is also attached in the related content area.


1. orange juice - 1 litre
2. apple juice - 1 litre
3. cooking oil (not peanut oil), 946 ml
4. canned kernel corn (not cream corn), 341 ml
5. canned peas
6. canned protein, such as tuna, ham, chicken, turkey, meatballs
7. canned evaporated milk – whole milk preferred over 2%
8. cereal - any kind
9. chunky soup - any kind
10. canned fruit
11. pasta – plain elbow macaroni or spaghetti preferred
12. canned tomatoes, or tomato paste, or tomato or pasta sauce
13. rice – plain rice preferred over the flavoured pouch style



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