We launched our new campus map on May 14, 2015. This is phase one. We will continue to add functionality and make improvements to the user experience over the summer with your help. If you see anything missing or incorrect, or you have a suggestion for improvement, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at jsfrench@mun.ca.

Over summer 2015, we will continue to add layers for quick access to emergency phone locations, cafeterias and coffee kiosks, bus stops—the services you are looking for. We’ll add more building and facilities photos and the MUNnel network of tunnels too. Eventually we hope to add walking routes so those new to campus can quickly find their way from building to building.

When we have this campus in good shape, we will work on the campus maps for Grenfell Campus and the Marine Institute. There is much work to be done. Tell us what you think. Please.