Receptions, Lunches and Banquet:

  • Wednesday May 16th, 2007
    Opening Night Reception, Fairmont Newfoundland Hotel, Court Garden, 6pm – 9pm
  • Thursday May 17th, 2007
    1. Reception and exhibits at The Great Hall, Queen’s College, Memorial University, 7pm - 9pm. Shuttle leaves the Fairmont Hotel 6:45 pm. Cash Bar and snacks.
    2. Pub Crawl on George Street 9pm on (buses leave Queen's College for this event)
  • Friday May 18th, 2007
    1. Women’s Luncheon, Cabot Club, noon-1pm.
    Want to talk archaeological shop in a testosterone-free zone? Join old friends and colleagues, exchange news and views, meet and mentor women aspiring to careers in archaeology. Those wishing to attend should register for the event by May 4, 2007.
    2. Web Site Launch: “Where Is Vinland?” at the Theatre, The Rooms, 6pm - 7pm.
    The Directors of Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History and Parks Canada Emerita Archaeologist Birgitta Wallace launch a new website featuring Vikings in Newfoundland and elsewhere, complete with a 3-D recreation of the L’Anse aux Meadows site and artifacts.
    3. Reception and exhibits at “The Rooms”, 7pm – 9pm. Shuttle leaves the Fairmont Hotel 6:45pm. Cash bar and snacks.
  • Saturday May 19th, 2007
    Conference Banquet, Fairmont Newfoundland Hotel, Salon B, 7pm.
  • Saturday May 19th, 2007
    Grad Student House Party, MUN Grad Students’ House.
    We invite all grad students to a house party at a MUN grad students’ house. This is a chance to meet other grad students, relax and unwind from the busy conference schedule in a casual setting. Taking place on Saturday night, it's a perfect alternative for those not attending the banquet. If you are attending the banquet, you are welcome to show up later. Further information will be provided upon registration.

Conference Tours:

Pre-Conference Trip (Sold Out)

Colony of Avalon.
17th century wharf-side building foundations, Ferryland.
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  • Wednesday May 16th, 2007. Excursion to Ferryland, and guided tour of the Colony of Avalon Archaeological Site. Bus leaves from the main entrance of the Fairmont Hotel at 8 am. Price of excursion $35.00, lunch included.

    For the past 15 years a team of archaeologists have been working at Ferryland, Newfoundland to uncover the remains of George Calvert’s colony of Avalon (1621) and the succeeding Pool Plantation (1638) presided over by Sir David Kirke. Excavations have revealed a well-preserved seventeenth-century town complete with a large stone quay, warehouse and privy, a ditch and rampart fortification, a 13 foot wide cobblestone street, a forge and a variety of densely-clustered domestic buildings. Over 1,000,000 artifacts have been found to date.
Post-Conference Trip(s) (pending sufficient interest)
  • Sunday May 20th, 2007 - Retrace the Route Followed by John Guy in 1612, Bus and Boat Tour with Dildo Island Tours, $75.00 per person, weather permitting. Should the weather be poor your fee will be reimbursed.

    The first permanent English settlement in Canada was established at Cupers Cove (now Cupids), Newfoundland in 1610. In the autumn of 1612 the colony’s first governor, John Guy, and 18 others sailed out of Cupers Cove and into Trinity Bay in an attempt to meet and establish friendly relations with the Beothuk. During the voyage Guy’s party visited eight Beothuk camps and met, shared a meal and exchanged gifts with a group of Beothuk in Bull Arm. Many of these camps have been located and excavations have been conducted at several. During this day long trip we will retrace the route followed by John Guy between October 24 and November 6, 1612 and visit a number of the sites recorded in his journal. The price of the trip includes a meal which will be served on Bull Island at the entrance to Bull Arm.

  • Sunday May 20th - Archaeological Tour of Newfoundland and Labrador with Dr. Jim Tuck. This tour will take you to western Newfoundland where you will visit the Parks Canada Archaeological Sites of Port au Choix and l'Anse aux Meadows and then across the Strait of Belle Isle to visit Red Bay. Further stops can be incorporated to meet specific interests. The tour is able to accommodate a group up to 40. The trip will be by bus and will take a minimum of five days. If you are interested in this trip please contact Lisa Rankin directly by March 1, 2007. (Tuck Trip Sold Out)
If you are interested in any of these trips please contact one of the conference organizers as quickly as possible for information. Their email addresses are in the “Contacts/E-mail” page.

Other Events:

Canadian Journal of Archaeology

  • Dr. George Nicholas, Editor of the Canadian Journal of Archaeology, will be available throughout the conference to meet with prospective and current authors.

CAPTA Meeting

  • Wednesday May 16, 2007, Fairmont Hotel. The meeting will begin at 9am and will be held in the Confederation Boardroom on the 7th Floor of the Farimont Hotel.

CAA Executive Meeting

  • Thursday May 17, 2007, Fairmont Hotel. CAA Executive Meeting 9am - 5pm. Plymouth Boardroom, Lower Level, Farimont Hotel.

Archaeological Data Management Meeting

  • Thursday May 17, 2007, Fairmont Hotel
    What happens to all the data gathered by the archaeologists? How is this information stored and safe guarded? This meeting is for those individuals who work in the area of archaeological data management for the various Provinces and Territories within Canada. It will provide an opportunity to learn and share information on what’s being done in other jurisdictions in this area of archaeology.

MicroAnalysis Facility Tour

  • Thursday May 17, 2007, Inco Centre, 2pm.
    The Memorial Inco Innovation Center houses: 1) a laser ablation ICP-MS capable of making nondestructive accurate microanalyses of a large suite of major and trace elements in various minerals and materials to determine sources and origin of artifacts. 2) a scanning electron microscope (SEM) allows detailed characterization and imaging of artifacts.

    Please see for more details.

CAA Stategic Plan Discussion

  • Friday May 18, 2007, Fairmont Hotel

Annual General Meeting

  • Saturday May 19, 2007, Fairmont Hotel
CAA 2007 Book Room and Silent Auction

The Outfitters
The Outfitters outdoor store, another Water Street 'institution'.
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  • Conference participants, publishers, and distributors of archaeology books and journals are encouraged to bring their items to sell in the Book Room, as well as samples and order forms. The Book Room will be adjacent to the conference session rooms at the Fairmont Newfoundland and will be staffed by volunteers who will be able to handle sales on your behalf.
  • The Book Room will also host our Silent Auction. We invite everyone to bring an item to donate to this event taking place during the conference. Local craftspeople will be encouraged to have products for sale in the Book Room. The Devon House Craft Gallery (located across the street from the Fairmont) will be running an archaeology-themed craft exhibit during the conference.
For information concerning the Book Room or the Silent Auction please contact:

Tim Rast, Book Room Co-ordinator, 2007 CAA:
PO Box 23065
St. John’s, NL
A1B 4J9

Updated April 30, 2007