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History of MUN Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was initiated in 1971 as part of the Biology departmet at MUN, but it wasn't until 1977 that the doors were open to the public.  In those 6 years, a vast cleanup was done to remove debris, old car wrecks, oil tanks, and leftover stumps from the 1962 fire that burned much of the back hills after a house fire on Thorburn Road.  The development of the various gardens also took time.  The Garden has gone though many changes and growth since then, including a name change from Oxen Pond Botanic Park, to the current MUN Botanical Garden.

Below is a link to the digital archives at MUN in which a video tour of the Garden was done in 1982.

At MUN: Oxen Pond Botanical Park


The History of our Location

Previous to the Garden's inception, the area had gone though a war, a cottage settlement, and a popular swimming hole.

The link below is an article on the Intangible Cultural Heritage website about the historic wells and springs that are on the Garden's property.

Link to ICH blog about the historic wells and springs at the Garden


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