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PlantWatch Newfoundland and Labrador

MUN Botanical Garden is the coordination centre for the Newfoundland and Labrador component of the national Plantwatch program. This program enlists volunteer observers to record the timing of blooming dates (phenology) of early flowering native plants. The data collected provincially and nationally can be used as indicators of environmental changes in the areas where the plants are growing.

Please visit the Canadian PlantWatch website for more information about the program.

Our Plants and Climate Change: PlantWatch School Program

This program includes a teacher’s resource kit with lesson plans, extended activities, plant id cards and a reusable classroom poster. There are a limited number of printed copies of the Teacher’s Guide, classroom poster, plant id sheets and cards available upon request from Madonna Bishop –

Visit the Our Plants and Climate Change page for the PDF version of the teacher's resource kit.

PlantWatch News

2013 Spring Newsletter

2013 Data Form

For past PlantWatch newsletters please go here.

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