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Photography at the Garden

Photography at the Garden is not only acceptable it is also encouraged!  This is the best wayRed Admiral Butterfly to share your experience of your visit to the Garden with your friends and family.

We encourage you to tag us on Facebook, and any photos you are willing to share publicly we will share ourselves.

Special Event Photography

As the Botanical Garden is a very photogenic spot it is frequented by people who are looking to take wedding, engagement, graduation, and other special event photos.  During our open season, you are able to pay admission and come into the Garden.

Perennial BorderAssuming all of our visitor rules are followed (no going off trails, no picking or collecting, no standing in flowerbeds, no tripods in flowerbeds, no harming the plants in any way, etc.) you are welcome to do as you please while you are here. Often a bride, groom and their photographer will come in, pay admission and take photos.  We discourage photography of large groups as many of our trails and pathways are narrow, and it is not possible to get wide-angle shots in the small space.

We can't guarantee other paying visitors will stay out of your shots so it will be up to you to work around that.

Rhodie BorderIt would be best if you were intending to come in for you to confirm the date of your visit with us, to avoid special events, large group visits and other unforeseen circumstances that might interfere with your visit.

At this time we do not host weddings or other private parties at the Botanical Garden.

For more information please contact us.