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MUN Botanical Garden

To kick-off our 40th Birthday and Canada’s 150th we are having an exhibition take place during Rhody Festival showcasing ericaceous flowers and plants!

Feel free to forward this along to fellow artists whom you feel may be interested in submitting their work for this show.

Please note: space is limited and works must focus on flowers and plants in the ericaceous family.


Here's a list of some of the most common in the family: 

-Labrador Tea
-Kalmia (Mountain Laurel)
-Andromeda (Japanese Pieris) 
-Bog Rosemary 


Exhibition Details: 
Deadline for Submission: 3:30 pm on June 9th
Set-Up: Tuesday June 14 (Hang artwork)
Exhibition Dates: Friday, June 16 (Garden Day) – July 3
Take-Down: July 4th
Art Pick –Up: After 12 noon July 4 until 4pm July 5

Click here for exhibition details and registration. 



May 3rd, 2017

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