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Rhododendron Festival

Rhody Festival


6th Annual Rhododendron Festival at MUN Botanical Garden
Dates: June 17 - 18, 2017

Registration is not required. Admission fees apply. All proceeds help support MUN Botanical Garden.

Free for season pass holders and MUN students

Everything's coming up ‘rhodies’ at MUN Botanical Garden! We have been growing rhododendrons for over 40 years at the Botanical Garden and have over 200 varieties, not counting our native cousins, such as Labrador tea and partridgeberry. Join us for our annual celebrations of rhododendrons including special exhibits, plant sales, art exhibit, indoor presentations, family programs, garden walks, nature hikes and more. All workshops and walks are presented by Todd Boland, MUNBG Research Horticulturist and rhododendron breeder.

1. Indoor Exhibits & Information:

Visit our field centre to view rhododendron exhibits and information, and see the amazing variety of rhododendrons suitable for our local gardens.

2. Rhododendron Plant Sale:

A variety of rhododendrons, suitable for our local climate, will be available for sale, including some one-of- a-kind rhododendron/azalea hybrid created right here at the Botanical Garden. 

Varieties for sale:

-Cherry Cheesecake
-Dark Lord
-Absolute Citron
-Florence Parks
-Pink Parasol

3. Step Outside: Rhododendrons Galore!

June is a favorite time of year for local residents to visit our flower gardens, simply for the spectacular display of rhododendron blooms happening in several areas of our flower gardens. Judging by the buds last year, 2017 promises a spectacular show.

4. Rhododendron Presentations and Walks:

All programs will start in the conference room, followed by a stroll in the flower gardens to look at specimens growing here at the Botanical Garden. With the exception of the evening Wine & Walk, these are drop-in programs; pre-registration is not required. Todd Boland, MUNBG Research Horticulturist and rhododendron breeder, will lead all presentations and walks.

The Story of the Rhododendron

Session #1: Saturday, June 17, 10 am and Session #2: Sunday, June 18, 2 pm

Not all rhododendrons look the same. There are many different types of rhododendrons and this variety is reflected in the size and colors of flowers and foliage. Did you know that azaleas are rhododendrons too? Learn how we care and maintain our rhododendrons and why we love to grow them here at MUNBG.

Format: PowerPoint Presentation followed by a stroll through the flower gardens.

Rhododendrons & Their Companion Plants

Saturday, June 17, 2 pm

Any plant that will enhance the foliage and blooms of a rhododendron can be considered a companion plant. Indeed, rhododendrons can act as a wonderful back drop to many plants in our garden. Choosing suitable companion plants which can grow well with rhododendrons and are suitable for our climate can be tricky. Todd will review a list of plants which have thrived here at MUN Botanical Garden.

Format: PowerPoint Presentation followed by a stroll through the flower gardens.

Rhododendron Nature Hike

Sunday, June 18, 10 am

Did you know that the beautiful rhododendrons growing in our gardens are actually cousins to our native blueberry, Labrador tea, partridgeberry (lingonberry) and other Newfoundland favorites? They all belong to the plant family Ericaceae. Ericaceous plants occur throughout the northern hemisphere, including China, Scandanavia, United States and Canada. Discover these natives on a guided hike growing wild along our nature trails.

Format: Outdoor hike on MUNBG nature trails.


5. Ericaceous Art Show:

Drop by the field centre for a very special art show, with an ‘Ericaceous’ theme. Our local botanical artists are helping us celebrate the rhodies growing in our gardens and along our nature trails.

For more information please visit here

6. Rhododendron Family Fun:

Sunday, June 18, 10 am – 4 pm

Drop by our classroom for some fun rhododendron activities, story time, duck feeding and more. All children must be accompanied by an adult.