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Youth Group, Rec Group & Summer Camp Programs

We offer a variety of programs to youth groups, such as Girl Guides of Canada and Scouts Canada, rec groups and summer camps. The programs can be modified to suit the needs of specific badge requirements so we encourage group leaders to discuss program content with Education staff when booking a group. All programs can include a nature hike, a visit to the flower gardens, and duck feeding at Oxen Pond. These programs are designed to foster a greater understanding of the natural environment and encourage environmental stewardship and respect.

To book your program please read the following information then fill out our:
Youth Group Booking Request

Program Availability: May 1st to November 19th, 2017

Program Time:  10 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily; Programs run for 1 hour, but can be extended on request.

Fee: $5.00 per youth with a limited number of group leaders/counselors admitted free of charge.  Our free leader ratio is usually 1:10, but please discuss this with us if you need a higher ratio.  Ratios of 1 adult to 2 youth or groups with more adults would be booked as a Family Program.  Payment is due at the time of your visit.  There are no taxes and there is no charge for approved leaders.  Cost for additional guide led program time is $40/hour.  

Group Size: A total group size (youth and adults) of 8-25 is ideal.  Smaller groups will have a minimum charge of $40.00.  Larger groups will need to be split into smaller groups, that will each have their own guide.

Bookings: Programs must be booked ahead of time.  We recommend booking your group at least two weeks in advance, or up to two months in advance if you need a specific date or time.  Last minute bookings are difficult to accommodate, but we will try our best.

Guide: All youth group programs must be guided by a staff member of the Botanical Garden.  Our guides are trained to provide your group with a pleasant and safe visit.

Refreshments: available upon request. Please call the Garden Cafe at 753–0173 for prices and further information on refreshment choice.

Please note: Unfortunately we do not host birthday parties at the Botanical Garden at this time.

Program Selection

General Garden and Pond Tour

Most groups who are visiting the Botanical Garden for the first time book this general tour.  On the 1 hour walk we hike through some natural areas (forest, bog), visit the pond to feed the wild ducks, and walk through parts of the cultivated gardens (areas may depend on season, weather, and time).  All along the hike your guide will point out things to watch for, discuss a general overview of the specific themes listed below, and most importantly express a respect for nature and the care of our habitat.

If you are looking to complete a badge program or feel your group would benefit from a more detailed program you may choose from one of, or a mix of, the themes below.  Please discuss any requirements with us when you book, as we will be able to determine what can be covered in the time of your visit.

Bird-Watching/Friends to Birds

      During a nature walk, children develop an appreciation of wild birds and their habitats. They learn the basics of bird identification including calls and songs, as well as feather structure and function. In addition, children learn about the importance of protecting and conserving bird habitat. Migration patterns, winter safety and biodiversity are also emphasized in this program.


Conservation of Natural Resources

      Children learn about how we can use our natural resources without destroying, damaging, or wasting them. Children learn about the importance of protecting the province’s biodiversity and conserving plant communities in ecosystems such as the boreal forest and wetlands.


Forest Ecology

      Includes a hike along our nature trails to explore the interactions of plants and animals in their natural environment (the web of life). An emphasis is placed on the importance of biodiversity as well as ways of conserving it. Children learn also about the various stages of succession (how ecosystems may change over time). This encourages children to appreciate nature and to learn about biodiversity in ecosystems such as the boreal forest, bog and pond.


Forestry Program

      Children are given the opportunity to learn about the biodiversity of our forest including the different forest types as well as the kinds of trees and shrubs that inhabit them. The program also examines why forests are important; the impact of human activity on the forest; as well as the importance of conserving our forest resources for future use. This program often overlaps with the Forest Ecology program.


Nature Observer

      Children are encouraged to develop skills in finding, tracking, and observing animals in nature. The listening game is often used to develop these skills. The use of camouflage is also discussed as we look for signs of camouflage along our nature trails.


Bat Buddies

      Children become bat detectives as they learn all about bats, look for bat houses, learn about conservation initiatives, as well as hike the batty bat trail. This program can be incorporated in to the Nature Observer program.


Endangered Species

      The importance of preserving plant and animal species and their habitats is better understood by reviewing terms such as ‘rare’, ‘endangered’, and ‘extinct’. Children learn about plants and animals of Newfoundland and Labrador that are listed as rare, endangered, and/or extinct. Through discussion, children are encouraged to list reasons why plants and animals may be at risk, and offer suggestions for the protection of the province’s biodiversity.



      Children observe Newfoundland wildflowers in various habitats including the forest, wetland (bog), pond edge, and meadow. In doing so, they learn about the importance of biodiversity in various ecosystems. Children are introduced to plant identification, ecology, and conservation measures.


If you have any questions on the above information please contact us by emailing us at:

Our booking staff are also the guides for the programs, so we are frequently out of the office.  If you need a more immidiate response you may call our visitor services phone number at 864-8590 and they will do their best to answer your questions.