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Educational Resources

The MUN Botanical Garden education staff have released several publications over the years to help educators, parents, and caregivers to incorporate natural history, biology, and botany in to all areas of a child's educational adventure.

It is through the cooperation and support of Garden staff, program participants, other environmental educators, and various funding sources that we have been able to develop such comprehensive educational resources.

NEW! Botanist in Training Resources

Our most recent publications have been:

ResourcesFrom Garden to Classroom: Is a set of botany-related activities and resources that can be encorporated across the curriculum and be adapted to suit a wide range of ages

Breaking Ground: This comprehensive guide book contains activities and resources to encourage biodiversity in the schoolyard. 

Composting Curriculum Unit: All you wanted to know about composting in Newfoundland, as well as a list of composting-related activities and resources to be encorporated in to the curriculum.

PlantWatch Newfoundland and Labrador: This classroom program has students participating in a Citizen Science program watching the flowering dates of common Newfoundland plants.  The change in dates over time can be related to climate change.

Useful Links:

Canadian Outreach Guide to Plant Biodiversity Education website