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Bachelor of Science - Biology (CO-OPERATIVE) Program


The Biology Co-operative Education program is a new program available to Biology undergraduate students. This program provides the opportunity for students to learn valuable and practical skills while working in positions that relate to the field of Biology. Students will complete three work terms (two in Spring semesters and one in Fall or Winter semester), during which time they will work full time as a paid employee at a local, regional, national or international company or organization doing work in Biological Sciences.


Admission Criteria

1. Admission is limited, competitive, and selective.

2. The main criteria used in reaching decisions on applications for admission are overall academic achievement and review of the student’s application package.

3. Students must first be admitted to the Biology Major.

4. To be admitted to the program, students must have completed the second year Biology Core, with an overall average of at least 65%, and an overall average of at least 70% in all Biology courses. Students must have an overall average of 65 % in all other required courses, and must be registered for 15 credit hours in the semester in which they apply.

5. The deadline date for application is November 15.


How to Apply

Applications must include the following documents in the application package:

1. Completed general information form.

2. A one to two page essay highlighting your career aspirations, why you would like to complete the Co-operative degree option, and what you hope to gain from this program.

3. A current resume.

4. Unofficial copy of your academic transcript.

Completed applications must be submitted to the Biology General Office, Room number SN3125.



Please contact Ted Miller or Rebecca Newhook.