Carr et al 1986

RFLP variation of deer mitochondrial DNA

    The restriction map of mitochondrial DNA from a white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) from Savannah River, South Carolina, includes five restriction sites (X) for the restriction endonuclease Bcl I.  Comparison with the restriction map of another white-tailed deer from the Longfellow Ranch in west Texas (Longfellow "A") shows a gain of one site (extra X above the line) and a loss of one site (missing X).  When the mtDNA is digested with Bcl I and the fragments separated by electrophoresis, both will show five fragments, three in common and two different. Comparison with the map of a black-tailed deer (O. hemionus columbianus) from Hopland, California, which has gained two sites lost three with respect to the Savannah R map, will show only one fragment in common, whereas it will share two with the Longfellow "A" type.  These patterns of variation are called restriction fragment length polymorphism. Gain or loss of each restriction site is due to the mutation of a single nucleotide (SNP variation) in each site.  [SM Carr et al. 1986. Proc Natl Acad Aci USA 83, 9576]

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