Phylogenetic Classification of Anthropoid primates

Phylogenetic classification assigns names to monophyletic lineages within the evolutionary tree. Among the Anthropoid ("man-like") Apes, gibbons and the Great Apes (including Homo) are recognized as separate evolutionary lineages, and are placed in separate families (Hylobatidae & Pongidae, respectively). Within the latter, Homo, Pan, & Gorilla are a closely related group recognizable as a subfamily, Gorillinae. Given the recent recognition that Homo and Pan are each others closest living relatives, they can be recognized as a tribe, Panini. [A widely-used phylogenetic taxonomy recognizes all apes as the superfamily Hominoidea, great apes as Hominidae, gorillas, chimps, and humans as three genera in the subfamily Homininae, and orangutans as Ponginae].

Text material © 2012 by Steven M. Carr