Bio4241 - Midterm and Final examination format & instructions


1. You are expected to prepare answers ahead of time for all of the posted examination questions; exams will be marked on this assumption.

2. Your answer for each question should fit on the front & back of one lined sheet of paper. You may sketch figures.

3. For the midterm exam, I will select four questions: answer any two of these. For the final exam, I will select five questions, answer any to of these. For either exam, you may not answer the question based on you group's presentation.

4. You may bring handwritten notes for your prepared answers, for the midterm on one side, for the final on two sides of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. [Please don't try to cram complete essays onto this page!]. I will collect the note sheet at the end of the exams.

5. You will have one hour to answer the two midterm questions, and two hours to answer the three final questions.

All text material 2014 by Steven M. Carr