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Graduate Students

NameProgramResearch TopicOfficeSupervisor
Nadar Abusara PhD Role of small molecule mssengers in secondary metabolism in Streptomyces SN-1006 Tahlan
Md. Zobayer Alam MSc A bioinformatics approach to the study of phenolics and antioxidant capacity in partridgeberry SN-4096 Roncal
Thaneah Alanazi MSc Target-ectiched sequencing of the RAS-MAPK pathway in foxed with hereditary hyperplastic gingivitis   Marshall
Samantha Andrews PhD   SN-3106 Leroux
Usha Arigundam MSc Molecular and Biochemical approaches to study clonal fidelity in mivroproagated lingonberies SN-2100 Debnath/Marshall
John Atkinson PhD Evolutionary Ecology of Fish Gametes   Purchase
Kristen Baker MSc Characterization of PARIS in Drosophilamelo growth SN-2100 Staveley
Kate Barley PhD Impacts of closed areas on fish and fisheries Marine Institute Rose
David Belanger PhD Seaweed Ecology OSC-4016A Gagnon
Renald Belley PhD Ecosystem services in deep-sea benthes OSC -2003 Snelgrove
Jessica Benkaroun PhD Avian Influenza Virus Genetics   Lang
Dhrumit Bhatt MSc Use of molecular markers to study biodiversity and to discriminate blueberries SN-4116G Debnath/Roncal
Sander Boisen PhD On The Flora of Newfoundland: A Molecular Approach   Roncal
Maegwin Bonar MSc Implications of space use on caribour calf survival   Vander Wal
Lucien Boudreau MSc Drosophila models of Dementia  SN-1088 Staveley
Heather Bowlby PhD Salmon in the Freshwater Landscape and Anthropogenic Disturbance OSC Fleming
Luke Bown PhD Characterization of secondary metabolites produced by plant pathogenic Streptomyces spp. SN-2097 Bignell
Tyler Brown MSc Functional genomics studies of the impact of plant-based diets on salmon intestine gene expression OSC Rise
Christopher Callahan MSc Genetics and Conservation of Wintering Ptarmigan in Labrador   Marshall
Neus Campanya I. Llovett PhD Ecosystem Functioning in the deep sea OSC Snelgrove
Holly Caravan PhD Measuring the relative importance of inclusive and direct fitness in a variety of social systems SN-4113 Chapman
Laura Carmanico MSc Sealworm abundance in Atlantic cod stocks Marine Institute Rowe
Christian Carnevale MSc Effects of Chronic Hypoxia Tissue Metabolism and Physiology OSC Gamperl
Ryan Carrow MSc Fish reproductive ecology   Purchase
Kimberly Chafe Carew MSc Evolutionary Genetics Evolutionary Genetics SN-3123 Marshall
Andrew Chaulk Msc  Mosquito Ecology in Newfoundland SN-4113 Chapman/Whitney
Zhenlong (Lancy) Cheng PhD Regulation of CFA-like metabolite production in Streptamyces Scadic SN-1008/SN-4116G Bignell
Peterson (Jake) Coates PhD Coevolution of host and parasite Off Campus Chapman
Devin Cochrane PhD Operation of the glyoxylate cycle during germination of maize seeds SN-3114 Igamberdiev
William Coffey MSc Sea urchin ecology & acquaculture SN-1003 Hooper
Kiersten Cormier MSc   OSC Miller
Isabel Costa PhD Cardiovascular Function in Free-Living Fishes and the Hormonal Control of Vascular Resistance OSC Gamperl/Driedzic
Carissa Currie MSc Trophic ecology of pelagic fish in Newfoundland waters Marine Institute - CFER Dominqiue/Robert
Fraser Davidson MSc Genomic analysis of certain bacterial pathogens associated with the dairy industry in Newfoundland   Tahlan/Whitney
Troy Davis MSc The ecological applicability of WEB 2.0 Citizen Science Off Campus Wiersma
Jorge Del Angel Rodriguez PhD Seasonal Changes in Krill Lipids: Implicatons for Whale Stocks OSC Parrish
Brynn Devine PhD Fisheries ecology of the continental shelf slope and deep sea Marine Institute Fisher
Rachelle Dove MSc Identity and distribution of arctic thyasirid bivalves   Dufour
Jonathon Ebel PhD Comparing the role of Pacific & Atlanic salmon as biotic controls of stream & terrestrial ecosystem fluxes SN-3106 Leroux
Khalil Eslamloo PhD Impact of temperature on development and function of fish innate immune systems OSC Rise
Devin Flawd PhD Spatial modeling of Grand Banks and northeast coast flatfish and fisheries dynamics. MI Fisher
Jessica Flight MSc Feeding Ecology of Seals SN-4095 Miller/Stenson
Alexander Flynn MSc Phylogeography and post-glacial disperrsal to lake trout in Labrador  SN3006 Marshall/Carr
Abdou Fofana PhD Evolution of Virulence SN-3110 Hurford
Margaret Folkins MSc Development of Ecologically Friendly potting fishing gear  Marine Institute Grant
Yunyun Fu PhD Microbial transformations of sulfur-centruing compounds SN1088/SN-4116G Lang/Rivkin
Gregory Furey MSc Assess health sfatns and discard survival of porcupine crabs  Marine Institute Grant
Emilie Geissinger MSc Effect of Climate change on recruitment of coastal zone fishers Marine Institute Gregory/Snelgrove
Amrita Ghosh PhD In vitro and molecular approaches for proagation and germplasm improvement of blueberry SN-2100 Debnath/Igamberdiev
Juran Goyali PhD Characterization of in vitro - and ex vitro -derived berry crops SN-3114 Debnath/Igamberdiev
Marco Graziano PhD Gamete ecology in fishes   Purchase
Marc Gruell PhD Rhodobacter capsulatus genetics SN-3025 Lang
Christopher Hammill MSc Chloroplast degeneration and odour production in Splachnacese mosses   Marino
Christopher Hart MSc     Vander Wal
Azra Hasan PhD Foxo-Dependent compensutary grother and starvation   Staveley
Travis Heckford MSc Spatail Ecology of a forest food web SN-4116E Wiersma
Victoria Howse MSc Ecology and life history of lobster as they relate to the efficacy of MPAs as a conservation tool Marine Institute Rowe
Junjie (Grace) Hu PhD The role of posttranslational proteins modifications in wheat dormancy control and sprouting resistance SN-1003 Bykova
Michael Hurley MSc Assess porcupine crab life history strategies/traits Marine Institute Grant
Sabrina Inkpen PhD Fish interferon regulatory factors (IRFs): characterization,regulation, expression and function  OSC Rise
Daigo Kamada PhD Foraging ecology of Capelin through ontogeny Marine Institute Dominique/Robert
Kimberley Keats PhD Microbial Biogeography in the Worlds Oceans OSC Schneider
Kelcey King MSc Analysis of putative antibiotic resistance genes in S. Clavuligerus SN-1006 Tahlan
Emilie Kissler PhD Impact of Moose on Forest Regeneration SN-3112B Hermanutz
Robyn Knight MSc Denthic microbial communities at aquaculture sites   Dufour
Ashley Kroyer MSc Avian influenza viruses in Newfoundland wild birds   Lang
Kyle Krumsick PhD Newfoundland Labrador Manne Food Webs Marine Institute - E1326 Fisher
Michel Laforge PhD Phenological mismatch and resource selection   Vander Wal
Linda Lait PhD Population & Funcitonal net DNA genomics of Atlantic Cod SN-3007 Carr
Ainsley Latour MSc Population Ecology of Pelagic Tunicates OSC-3012A/SN-3123 Deibel
Stephanie Leger MSc Shorebird Vocal Communication SN-4094 Miller
Yuting Li PhD Assessing the role of the CFA-like metabolite in s. scabies pathogenicity SN-1008 Bignell
Jingyu Liu PhD Characterization of orphan secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters in Streptomyces scabies SN4116G Bignell
Catherine Little PhD Distribution of spotted winged fruitfly Off Campas Chapman/Hillier
Sydney London MSc Appetite regulating factors in neotropical fishes   Volkoff
Peter Githure M’angale PhD Models of Parkinson Disease in Drosophila and Mitochandrial Survival SN-3007 Staveley
Vanessa Mardones PhD Use of Roseroot in Inuit Communities and Impacts of Climate Changes SN-3112 Hermanutz
Joany Marino Coronado PhD Mechanistic models of ecological interactions SN-3110 Hurford
Gwynhyfar Mason MSc Evolutionary Ecology of salmonid fishes OSC 3008-A Fleming/Bradbury
Bonita Mccuaig PhD Metageonomic analysis of chemosymbiotic thyasirid bivalves ER-2003 Dufour
Anne Mcleod PHD Causes and consequences of spatial variation in species interaction networks SN-3106 Leroux
Evelyn MacRobert MSc Fish Recruitment OSC/DFO Robert/Snelgrove
Miguel Mejias MSc Breeding and non-breeding ecology and behaviour of White-tailed Tropicbird   Jones
Hugo Morales Gonzalez MSc Assessing genotypic variability and antioxidant activity of SN-4116/ 4096 Roncal/Debnath
Darrell Mullowney PhD Trophic interactions between Atlantic cod and crustaceans in NL ecosystems Marine Institute Rose
Hannah Munro PhD Biogeography of Borrelia garinii in Newfoundland and Labrador SN-3025 Lang/Whitney
Sarah Nancollas MSc   OSC McGaw
Victoria Neville PhD Cod otolith micro-chemistry Marine Institute Rose
Maria Nieto Blazquez PhD Meta-analysis of plant phylogenies of the Caribbean region, with SN-2097/SN-4096 Roncal
Purvikalyn Pallegar PhD Regulation of gene transfer agent production in Rhodobacter capsulatus   Lang/Pena-Castillo
Brittany Palm PhD Atlantic Salmon ecology and reproduction   Purchase
Heather Penney PhD Phenotypic plasticity in the performance of fish gametes/embryos SN-4105 Purchase
Robert Perry PhD Fish Assemblages in Labrador Off Campus Schneider
Fritz Pichardo Marcano MSc hylogeny and biogeographic history of the tropical palm tribe Euterpeae (Arecaceae)   Roncal
Paul Pitts MSc The endocrine control of feeding and digestion in marine fish SN 2097 Volkoff
Rachelle Porter MSc Fish behavioural responses to introduction of anthropogenic structure OSC Gregory/Snelgrove
Steven Poulos MSc Fish Reproduction   Purchase
Christina Prokopenko PhD   SN-1003 Vander wal/Hurford
Danielle Quinn PhD Mathematical and Statistical Models in Evolution and Ecology OSC Snelgrove
Devyn Ramsay MSc Fish Physiology OSC Gamperl/Dixon
Kaushalya Rathnayake MSc     Marino
Matteo Rizzuto PhD Effect of forest harvesting on trophochemical food webs in newfoundland. SN-3106 Leroux
Katherine Robbins Msc Movement and Migration of Crested Auklets SN-2093 Jones
Hilary Rockwood MSc Quantifying leading idicators of ecosystem recovery within the Newfoundland-Labrador region Marine Institute - E1322 Fisher
Sheena Roul MSc     Lan/Robertson
Aparna Roy PhD Genome-wide inference of gene functions and gene-gene functional associations for non-model fish species   Pena-Castillo
Mahdokht Sadeghvishkaei MSc Characterization of the effects of hormones on feeding and metabolism of fish and their interactions SN3010 Volkoff
Srabani Saha MSc     Chapman
Elena Salogni PhD Behavioural Ecology of Elephant Seals SN-2096 Miller
Carley Schacter PhD Behavioural ecology of auklets Aethia spp. In the Aleutian Islands SN-2096 Jones
Laura Siegwart-Collier PhD Impacts of climate change on tundra community structure and human use patterns Off Campus Hermanutz
Violaine Shikon MSc Characterization of mackerel spawning and larval survival of the Nothereast coast of Newfounland MI Robert/Castonguay
Arindam Sikdar MSc Epigenetic varation in lingonberries Off Campus Debnath/Igamberdiev
Frankie Slade MSc Modeling aspects of neurodegeneration/neurodevelopment in drosophila   Staveley
Rebecca Steinhart MSc Biodiversity and ecosystem function in marine sediments OSC Snelgrove
Erin Stevens MSc Seasonal abundance and composition of microcrustaceans in St. Pauls Inlet, Gros Morne National Park. SN-1090 Campbell
Suman Upadhyay MSc In vitro propagation, virus wlmination and clonal fidelity in strawberry   Debnath/Igamberdiev
Mallory Van Wyngaarden MSc Population structure in marine invertebrates OSC Snelgrove/Bradbury
Joost Verhoeven PhD Investigation of microbial associates of deep-sea invertebrates   Dufour/Mercier
Michael Vilimek MSc Temporal changes in life history traits Off Campus Purchase
Rachel Wigle MSc Forest landscape ecology nd Lichenology SN4116E Weirsma/McMullin
Nathan Wilke PhD Conservation biology of Atlantic salmon towards understanding adaptive traits differences for the management of endangered populations OSC Fleming
Margie Wilkes MSc Comparison of natural and farmed blueberry pollinators SN-3112 Hermanutz
Semra Yalcin PhD Biodiversity responses to land-use and climate change SN 3106 Leroux
Sana Zabihi-Seissan MSc Spatial Predator-Prey Dynamics   Vander Wal
Liang Zhu MSc Population structure and dynamics of silver lake Marine Institute Fisher/Robert
Teegan Padgett MSc Forested wetlands lichen diversity in Newfoundland SN4116E Wiersma
Vladmir Pashin PhD Modulation of Foxo during enhanced homestatis SN3005 Staveley