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Welcome to the Biochemistry Society Webpage

How's it going Biochemistry students? Here on our webpage you can check out all our events (on the calendar), keep up to date on what needs to be done academically, voluntarily and everything in between.

If you have yet to do so, I would like to suggest you sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter. I will do my best to have you giggling instead of rolling your eyes in hatred while I inform you on all that is going on in the Biochemistry world (well, at MUN at least). You can sign up by either stopping by our Society Room (SN 4001) or dropping me an email at

If you have any questions about any social events this year, ways to get involved with your faculty, scholarship opportunities, where/when to get the coffee-by-donation in the society room, anything really feel free to ask anyone on your society and we will do our best to help you out.

So, who is this 'society' I speak of? Well, we have:


Matthew Quann

Megan LeGrow
Vice President
Mark Shea
VP Academic
Ryan Elliott
VP Social
Alex Dickie
Sports Representative
Steph Pomeroy
Burton Ward
Siobhan Brenton

Laura Gosine
3rd year liaison.


If you do not already know who these people are, check back soon for photo representation! And in the meantime, check our out Facebook group (MUN Biochemistry Society 2013-2014) for up to date information on what is going on.