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Transition to Banner HR  
(for Employees and users of Banner HR) 

To access your personal information, go to and click on my.mun along the top (to the left of Memorial@Home and Self Service). You will need to put in your Login ID (your mun e-mail address without the and password. If you've forgotten your password, click on the Having Problems link above the login. Please follow the steps to reset your MUN login password. Once you're logged into, click on the Employee Services tab. Then, Launch Employee Self-Service for most up-to-date information. Pay Information is the third option on the page.

If you have any technical difficulties accessing the system, contact the Computing and Communications Help Desk at 864-4595 or

Regarding payroll, deposits will be made to your account every second Thursday but you are able to view your e-stub on Monday of each payroll week. Contact Human Resources, weekdays between 8:30 am and 5 pm, at 864-2434 or if you have questions.

While your method of payment will not change, Memorial University will no longer print paper pay stubs. You can access your e-stub through

Leave balances are up to date for 2012; all new data will be updated in the new system soon. You may notice some of your leave banks have a negative balance (including family leave and professional development leave), this is a new feature of Banner. These amounts represent amounts taken up to December 31, 2012. Continue to check for confirmation.

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For Retirees

Please click here to access pay advice for retirees. This web site will guide you through the steps of how to access your payment information.

Payroll Information

Regardless of the new system, here is some important payroll information you need to know at the beginning of each New Year. These may explain why your cheque may be slightly less than it was in December 2012.

Memorial University Pension Plan: the Contribution rates remain the same as last year, however please remember that all employees pay 9.9% on their first $3500 (Yearly Basic Exception as defined by CPP); then 8.1% of earnings in excess of the YBE up to and including the Year's Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE) as defined under the Canada Pension Plan, then 9.9% of earnings in excess of the YMPE.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP): For 2013, the rates have not changed over 2012; the maximum CPP pensionable earnings are $51,100, and the basic exemption for the year is $3,500. The contribution rate for employees is 4.95%. The maximum an employee can contribute for the year is $2,356.20. The employer's contribution is an amount equal to the total of the employee's contributions.

Employment insurance (EI): For 2013, the rates have increased over 2012 to a maximum annual insurable earnings are $47,400 and the EI premium rate is 1.88%, for a maximum annual premium of $891.12.

Newfoundland and Labrador: The income thresholds and personal amounts are indexed. The provincial indexing factor for 2013 is 2.6%.

Refer to the CRA website for complete details including the 2013 Federal tax rates and income thresholds (page 17) and the 2013 NL Provincial tax rates and income thresholds (page 23).

If you wish to make any changes to your Federal and provincial tax deductions, complete the appropriate form and send to HR Payroll. Links to the TD1 forms are as follows:



NL Worksheet:

With the new Banner HR system, there are a few differences in how information is displayed. Now, Federal and NL tax are displayed separately. There may be earnings not included in gross pay; these are for payroll purposes only. If you have had additional Federal tax deducted, it will continue but is no longer itemized separately.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation during the implementation and transition phase. It's appreciated.

The Department of Human Resources is dedicated to supporting Memorial University's commitment to excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, and service to the general public.

We work to ensure our people practices are congruent with Memorial's mission, vision, and culture. Our guiding principles enable us to achieve Memorial's vision through innovation and supportive people practices.

Our goal is to establish and sustain the university's reputation as an employer of choice, and to maintain a workplace culture in which all employees feel valued and able to contribute their personal best to the achievement of Memorial's mandate.


Introduction of the new Banner HR information management system is part of a larger move at Memorial to modernize its Department of Human Resources.

The goal is to create a more efficient, more stream-lined system that reduces paperwork, improves interactions between the Human Resources and its client departments, and moves from a mainly transactional focus to one that is more service-oriented.

Banner HR is considered a foundation for these changes, and was introduced in phases beginning with Phase 1 that recently went live in January 2013. The new system benefits faculty, staff and administrators, and the university as a whole.


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