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Grant Related FAQs

Grants/Contracts Sign-off form (Faculty of Arts)
This form must be submitted to the Dean of Arts Office for all grants and contracts, whether or not the application iself requires a Memorial signature. Please see further details in FAQs below.
Sign off procedures for Tri-Council Operating Grants
This FAQ highlights the new sign-off procedures in place for SSHRC Insight Grants, SSHRC Insight Development Grants, CIHR Open Operating Grants, and NSERC Discovery Grants. For general sign-off procedures, see When do I need Faculty of Arts sign-off?
Last updated July 31, 2013. Note: This information is out of date and will be updated soon.
When do I need Faculty of Arts sign-off?
This FAQ addresses several common questions about our general sign-off procedures.
Last updated May 20, 2015.
NOI / LOI / EOI Sign-off procedures
This FAQ discusses when your letters of intent require sign-off.
Last updated March 25, 2013.
What to expect from the Arts Grants Facilitator
The Grants Facilitator can help you create a plan to become a more competitive candidate, identify a fundable project, find an appropriate funding agency, craft a targeted application, re-spin an unsuccessful application for the next round, and more. Further details can be found in this document.
Last updated September 17, 2014.
Arts faculty can benefit from research funding
The goal of the Grants Facilitation Officer is to increase the number and success rate of grant applications submitted by the Faculty of Arts. By far, the biggest problem is convincing people that they should apply for grants in the first place. This handout addresses 5 common myths about research funding in the Arts.
Last updated May 28, 2013.

SSHRC Grant Template Packages (highly recommended)

We have developed detailed information, tips, and Word templates for all attachments and textboxes for the major SSHRC competitions (Insight Development Grants; Insight Grants; Connection Grants; Partnership Development Grants). Use of the templates is highly recommended, and typically results in success rates that double the national average when combined with taking advantage of the comprehensive review service. To obtain the latest templates, please email from your MUN account and Kelley will send you a zip file containing the templates, a blank application (in case the online form is not available), budget advice documents/FAQs, and sign-off information. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS TEMPLATE PACKAGE IS ONLY FOR DISTRIBUTION WITHIN MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY and we cannot fulfill requests from other universities. We will happily share the templates with other Units, Schools, and Faculties on all Memorial campuses, with the understanding that the templates will not be posted online or distributed outside of Memorial, and that attribution will be given to the Faculty of Arts.

Grant writing resources

Budget Advice for Grant Applications
This FAQ describes what you should include in your budget, and how you should justify it.
Last updated August 4, 2014
FAQ on obtaining cash and in-kind commitments from Memorial
Last updated September 18, 2014.
CCV Data Entry Guide
A manual with details on all sections of the CCV.
Last updated June 25, 2013
How-to instructions for accepting SSHRC invitations
A guide for attaching your SSHRC CV using the old SSHRC web-based forms systems. For attaching the new CCV, see the Slides from the CCV workshop, below.
Last updated November 5, 2012
How-to instructions for partners on SSHRC Partnership Development Grant applications
A guide for invited partners which explains how to accept an invitation and fill out the partner section using the old SSHRC web-based forms system.
Last updated November 22, 2013

Information Posters

Yearly grant deadlines - Faculty version
Our most up-to-date funding opportunities are listed here, however some deadlines do repeat yearly. This poster highlights these opportunities.
Last updated May 14, 2013

Workshop and Presentation Slides

Please note that some of these files are password-protected. For access, please email Slides can be found on our Workshop Page.

External Resources