Police Studies Major

Since Fall 2008, Memorial University has offered a multi-disciplinary major in Police Studies. This program is most beneficial for experienced police officers and for others working in a policing environment who wish to obtain a university degree. Please note: It is intended to promote critical thinking about social issues to those working in a policing environment and not as a professional qualification.

This Multi-disciplinary Major program is offered to candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts. It is offered in conjunction with a minor in a single discipline. In order to be awarded a BA with a Major in Police Studies, candidates must complete all the requirements of the BA.

The Police Studies major also recognizes prior learning assessment recognition (PLAR) in the case of experienced police officers. Officers like RNC Deputy Chief William Janes and Constable Todd Barron, both of whom graduated with a BA in Police Studies in 2012. See this news item for more details on this program.

If you have any questions related to the Major in Police Studies, please contact:

Renee Shute
Office: AA 4080
Email: rshute@mun.ca
Phone: 864-7454


Dr. Alan Hall