Film Studies Minor

Since the fall semester of 2008, a Minor in Film Studies has been available to students of Memorial University.

The Film Studies Minor gathers the existing film courses currently taught in a variety departments within the Faculty of Arts, such as English, French and Spanish, German and Russian, History, Philosophy, Sociology, and Religious Studies. The consolidation of these courses, all of which are film-based, is designed to help students appreciate the larger framework in which film is practiced, and to encourage a more comprehensive and meaningful understanding of the subject.

Like other programs in the Faculty of Arts, students and graduates will be prepared to engage in further social and cultural debates about the role of the film and cultural industries in promoting cross-cultural understanding and social equality. The Film Studies Minor will contribute to existing collaborative relationships between the Faculty of Arts and Newfoundland's growing film industry by giving students the critical reading and writing skills necessary to understand film (and related media) in all of its manifestations, from entertainment to industry, and everything in between.

The Minor takes full advantage of courses already available in the Faculty of Arts. In addition to the existing film courses currently on offer through the various departments, there will be two new required courses. English 2850: What is Film? is designed to introduce students to the medium of film and is aimed at marking a shift from the natural enjoyment of movies to a critical understanding and to modes of film practice. English 2851: Introduction to Film Form and Film Theory is concerned with developing visual literacy skills, while also providing the terminology and theory necessary to critically engage film.

For further information on the Film Studies minor, interested students are asked to contact:

Dr. Alec Brookes
Department of German & Russian