Aboriginal Studies Minor

The Minor in Aboriginal Studies is a multi-disciplinary program offered to candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts. The program is an alternative to a Minor offered by a single department.

Why Aboriginal Studies?

For many years, the place of Aboriginal peoples in Canadian culture and history has been undervalued. Indeed, the persistent assertion that Canada is the product of "two founding nations", French and English, is a striking reminder of this lack of awareness.

In the past 30 years, however, this has begun to change — in part because of the demands of Aboriginal people that their legitimate claims be recognized.

This interdisciplinary minor program promotes understanding of Native peoples, in particular those inhabiting Newfoundland and Labrador, their traditions and the historical roots of complex issues that need to be resolved. By bringing the aboriginal experience to the fore, this program helps to put these issues in the context needed to understand them.

An Aboriginal Studies minor will prove useful to any student who wishes to have a fuller understanding of Canada. Prospective teachers who will need to explain aboriginal issues to their classes will find it particularly relevant. It will also be valuable for students planning a career in social services, management, law, administration, health care, journalism, forestry, and mining — to name just a few.

Program Coordinator

Scott Neilsen

Email: scott.neilsen@mun.ca
Phone: 709-497-3630, ext. 225
Office: Labrador Institute Research Station