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Why should you join ArtsWorks?

  • U connect careers to your degree
  • U build a wicked resume, portfolio, and co-curricular record (CCR)
  • U demonstrate the value of your degree to employers
  • U get career development programs for free
  • U create your own future

How does ArtsWorks help Arts students?


• Resumes, cover letters & CVs • Transferable skills • Job search & networking
• On and off campus opportunities • Interview tips and practice • ePortfolios
• Further options at home and abroad • Workplace etiquette


• Expos and fairs • Interest assessments • Departmental events
• Employer info sessions • Networking events • Conferences


• Volunteering • Practical reflection


How can you join the program?

  • Speaking with the Arts career advisor
  • Deciding to apply to the program
  • Submitting the online registration in the first two weeks of a term
  • Include your student number and choose a regular weekly time
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