Voting & Candidate Profiles

2017 Board of Regents Alumni Election Candidates

A total of 49 Memorial University alumni are vying for six alumni positions on the Board of Regents, the governing body of the university.

All alumni (see definition in the Election Guidelines) of Memorial University are eligible to vote. You may vote for a maximum of six candidates and you may only vote for each candidate once. Voting is now open and will close on May 31, 2017

To learn more about each of the candidates participating in the 2017 election, please review their profiles via the links below.

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BASKANDERI, Aatif, B.Eng.'08, MTM'15
BLAKE, Raymond, BA(Ed.)'79, BA(Hons.)'80
CLARK, Stephen, BA'94
COISH, Rob, B.Eng.'93
COOZE, Darryl, BN'93
DAVIDGE, Bud, BA'67, BA(Ed.)'67, Honorary LLD'12
DUKE, Cathy, BSW'79, MBA'83
FOLEY, Justin, DPCM'10
GALLANT, Geoff, BA'99
GIBBONS, Rex, BA(Ed.)'67, B.Sc.'67, M.Sc.'69
GREEN, Lynn, B.Sc.'76, BN'77
GREEY, James, B.Eng.'15 
GURNA, Jasdeep, B.Eng.'16
HAJA MOHIDEEN, Asan Meera Sahib, M.Sc.(Medicine)'14
HICKEY, Katharine, B.Comm.(Co-op.)'87
HOLLETT, Ed, BA(Hons.)'85
HOWE, Dave, B.Comm.(Co-op.)'89
JOHNSTON, Brian, B.Sc.'85, B.Ed.'85
KENNEDY, Michael, B.Comm.(Co-op.)'01
KING, Patricia, B.Sc.(Hons.)'06, MASP'08
LEE-WHITING, Keith, BA(Hons.)'65
LEICESTER, Jasmine, BA'15
LERICHE, Matthew, BA(Hons.)'03
MAHONEY, Denis, B.Comm.(Hons.)(Co-op.)'87
MANGALARAMANAN, Sathya Prasad, PhD'97
MARTIN, Patrick, B.Sc.'98, BA'99
MESSERVEY, Sarah, BN'09, MN'16
MITCHELL, David, B.Eng.'93, M.Eng.'02
OATES, Lori, BA'94, MA'97, M.Phil.'12
O'BRIEN, Eileen, B.Eng.'94
PARDY, Brandon, B.Sc'02, BA'04
PAYNE, Anthony, B.Mus.(Hons.)'13, B.Sc.'14
RICHARDS, David, BA'75
RICHLER, Avrum, PhD'79, MA'11
ROBERTS, Gola, BN'76, MN'94
ROBINSON, Sherra, BA'01, B.Ed.'04, M.Ed.'14
ROGERS, Richard, BA(Hons.)'84
SIMM, Rick, BFA'06
SMITH, Byron Donald, B.Comm.(Co-op.)'86
ST. CROIX, Eileen, BMS'74, MD'75
STOODLEY, Sarah, B.Comm.(Co-op.)'08, MA'11
TARIQ, Muhammad, M.Eng.'15
TILLEY, Evelyn, BSW'90, MSW'01
WALSH, Lisa, BA'93, B.Ed.'93
WELLON, Keith, B.Eng.'76, M.Eng.'79
WHELAN, Jason, MBA'14
WHELAN, John, B.Comm.(Co-op)(Hons.)'05
WIJAYAWARDHANA, Duleepa, BA(Hons.)'96, MA'97
WOODLAND, Andrew, B.Comm.(Co-op.)'06

VOTE NOW if you are ready to complete your ballot.
Paper, mail-in ballots are also available upon request by calling the Offices of Alumni Affairs and Development at 1-877-700-4081 or 709-864-4354.

Following the close of voting on May 31, election results for all candidates will be posted to after being tabulated under the direction of the returning officer.

Alumni representatives are elected for a three-year term, commencing on Sept. 1, 2017.


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