B.Eng.’16 | Co-founder and COO MYSA
B.Eng.’16 | Co-founder and COO MYSA

2018 WAS A busy year for Zachary Green and the rest of the MYSA team. “Last year alone we shipped our first product, hired 15 people and raised money while doing it,” Mr. Green says. “There’s been a lot happening at once.”

MYSA is a smart thermostat that aims to cut household energy use by allowing homeowners to control their high-voltage home heating — including baseboards — right from their smartphones. It’s an option that hasn’t previously been available to consumers, and it’s catching on: Mr. Green says the company sold 30,000 units as of December 2018 and has landed a deal to make the product available in Kent stores across Atlantic Canada.

The brainchild of Josh Green, Zachary’s brother and a fellow engineer, MYSA became reality in Zachary’s 2016 entrepreneurship class. The energy-saving idea quickly attracted interest from investors and the support of Genesis and Propel ICT incubators. In June of that year, the brothers began to build their first thermostat.

As of winter 2019, MYSA has 36 employees. Zachary Green’s role has evolved away from engineering, he says. He’s now focused on leading product development and customer support at the bustling company.

“Our end goal is to do our part to fight climate change, via thermostats, water tank temperature controllers, and other technology,” he says. “The overall mission is to use technology to reduce our environmental footprint.”