Sources of Geffrey Whitney, A Choice of Emblemes

Whitney's Choice of Emblems is very important in the English reception of Alciato. Almost all of the woodcuts in Whitney are from earlier sources, and the largest number of borrowings is from Alciato. We list these sources here (the number of borrowed woodcuts is indicated in square brackets).

Alciato, Emblemata (1577) [87]
Johannes Sambucus, Emblemata (1564, 1576) [51]
Claude Paradin, Symbola heroica (1567) [32]
Hadrianus Junius, Emblemata (1585) [21]
Gabriel Faernus, Fabulae centum (1573) [16]
Georgette de Montenay, Emblemes (1571) [9]
Barthelemy Aneau, Picta Poesis (1552) [8]
Guillaume de la Perriere, Le Theatre des bons engins(1545) [8]

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Last modified 2 November 1995